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Memorial created 04-14-2014 by
Karen Shaw
Richard Richardson
March 2 1945 - February 12 2014

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06-09-2016 11:32 AM -- By: Richard O'Hollaren,  From: Ventura - Fancy Music  

03-25-2016 2:35 PM -- By: Mat Johnson,  From: Santa Barbara/ Las Vegas  

Rest in peace Richard... I will always have fond memories of the time I knew you. From the crazy stories of years past, life lessons over a drink at Joes, to instruments that have brought me joy for 20 years now and the hope of passing them along to my sons so they can enjoy them long after I'm gone. Thank you for being a friend, a mentor and just someone I'm proud to call my friend. You will be missed by many but never forgotten.

08-04-2015 3:27 PM -- By: Roger Klein,  From:  

 Just wanted to say I first met Richard in late 1972. I was running the new Granny Takes A Trip shop in Hollywood and Richard was great friends with my boss the owner, Freddie Hornik. I remember when we first opened there was a very conservative brown wool suit hanging in the back that had been made for Richard. I got to be friends with Richard and I started selling guitars from Fancy Music along with velvet and satin suits. I would come up and stay occasionally at Richard's home in Montecito.  

Once in 1973 Richard had just bought a brand new Ferarri DinoGT and he parked it in front of Grannys when it was on Doheny. He had come to visit Freddie & me and we all watched in horror as a huge trucked backed up over it and crushed the whole front end!

He was a good, sweet guy and I'll always have fond memories of him as he was part of my history as a teenager.

04-12-2015 2:44 PM -- By: Mike Wilson,  From: Padaro Lane/Summerland/Santa Barbara  

We all thought you were the coolest guy in the room. this memorial explains a lot.

06-10-2014 3:23 PM -- By: Ferrari Bob,  From:  

He was my friend...




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