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Memorial created 01-13-2016 by
Jeff Carr
Audrey Jean Jones
November 20 1931 - January 11 2016

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01-11-2017 10:50 PM -- By: Lori,  From: Colorado  

 I am sorry for your loss.  Alzheimers is among some of saddest diseases, my mom has a form of it and is bed ridden. My heart goes out to you.

07-29-2016 10:40 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I am so sorry for your loss of Audrey. In reading her obituary I can see that she was loved and she was a loving person. Know that she is no longer suffering but waiting on the day that All those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out John 5:28,29. The whole earth will be a paradise soon where all sickness, death, sorrow, pain will be done away with forever Revelation 21:3,4. My deepest condolences.

02-23-2016 5:41 AM -- By: Laurie Kilts,  From: Spokane  

 My heart is broken. I too have experienced much loss in my lifetime and it's brutal. I like to think of Aunt Audry and my mom together again and back to having fun! I wasn't there in person for many years, but she was always fresh in my heart. I loved her so and will aways remember our times spent together, they were very special to me. Losing your mom is gut renching Marsha, and my prayers on with you during this time. I love you, Kenny, uncle Worley and your mom, I hope they're all together again in a place where pain does not exist.   Love, Laurie

01-28-2016 11:54 PM -- By: Heather,  From: Washington State  

I am really sorry that you lost Audrey Jean Jones. Love Heather

01-28-2016 11:02 AM -- By: Fran Gallup,  From: Montclair originally  

Old time friends are had to comeby these days and I am missing my friend, Audrey.  Thoughts and prayer for family..

01-26-2016 12:12 PM -- By: Shirley, Bob and Daisy,  From: California  

Marsha & Jeff, This memorial is a beautiful tribute to your Mom and Grandma.  She knew how much she was loved and she'll never be forgotten. I have a lot of great memories of her from all these years.  I loved her - her spirit and her laugh!  To Jeff, Jill and all the family - you are so lucky she was your Grandma.  Marsha, she was so lucky to have you and your family,  just as you were so fortunate she was your mom.  We'll miss her.  Sending love to all of you.

01-25-2016 7:44 PM -- By: Judi Ellis,  From: Sacramento  

01-22-2016 8:32 PM -- By: Perry Hatcher,  From: Prescott. AZ.  

 Thankyou Marsha. That was cool. God BLess YOU and all of yours. Your friends always Perry, Donna, and kids.

01-22-2016 8:30 PM -- By: Perry Hatcher,  From: Prescott. AZ.  

 Thank you Marsha. That was cool. God Bless YOU and Yours. Your friends always, Perry, Donna, and Kids.

01-22-2016 6:41 PM -- By: Debbie Carver(Bartram),  From: Alta Loma  

 I remember alot of great times at your home..your mom was always Happy!! Im so sorry Marsha for your loss--but rest asssured she is in Gods Presence  God Bless You for all your love and care for your mom.



01-22-2016 9:55 AM -- By: Ashley,  From: California  

 Life Without End At Last! (John 3:16) Can you see with your mind’s eye, Peoples dwelling together? In those days old will grow young, Flesh revived as in childhood. Paradise all will enjoy As we sing of God’s glory. Sorrow has passed. Peace at last! Life without tears or pain. Troubles are gone, from now on, No need to weep or fear. Long as we live, we will give To God, our Maker, thanks. Sing out with joy of heart! You too can have a part. Live for the day when you’ll say, “Life without end, at last!” (See also Job 33:25; Ps. 72:7; Rev. 21:4.)

01-22-2016 2:50 AM -- By: Paula,  From: Laughlin nv  

My heart goes out to all of your family, what a very sad and blessing at the same time. Your mom was a great person and I had some fun times with her that I will never forget! ( for example: horse races @ the fairgrounds). She is now at peace and with your dad and brother. Think about the good times forever...she will be missed.

01-21-2016 10:04 PM -- By: Daniela B.,  From: Elite Elder Care  

Marsha dear,

For almost 5 years I've had the honor to care for a beautiful person, your mom, Audrey! Even though she lived with Alzheimer's disease, she still had a beautiful soul that shinned and uplifted me and everyone around her. She was a very special person! Marsha, I've always admired YOU! You lost so many loved ones in your life, yet you showed so much happiness! I've always loved being around you, as you are a true positive person with a beautiful soul! I am so happy that I met you and your family! I will always remember your mom, and you and your family! As the years go by.... I will continue to have that peace in my heart, that I got to see mom take her last breath here on earth! I'm so glad I had that opportunity, which not many people get to have! It's been a pleasure traveling on this road together!

01-21-2016 3:33 PM -- By: Richard Kruse,  From: Hollywood, CA.  


While I didn't really know your mother too well, I felt I did from all the stories you shared with me. My mom sometimes worked with your mom at the Ontario-Montclair School District. My mother would always talk about how nice your mother was and how smart she was. As I said in my post on the Daily Bulletin obituary website, you were a very good daughter who took care of everything your mother needed. Peace to both of you and your family.

01-20-2016 11:47 PM -- By: Bob and Karen Brannen,  From: Yucaipa, CA  

Our thoughts go out to Audrey's family. We know she was deeply loved by all her family and will be dearly missed.

01-20-2016 10:26 PM -- By: Kathy Woods Colllins,  From:  

What lovely memories of your mom, Marsha. She looked so happy in all of the photos. You and your family kept her life full of fun and love. Wishing you peace and comfort. Love, Kathy

01-20-2016 9:14 PM -- By: Walter Wiley,  From: Glendora, CA  

 Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family.

01-20-2016 7:28 PM -- By: Judy and Fred Wrigley,  From: Salt Lake City, Utah  

We have known Audrey for many years, although we did not see each other for a lot of years we kept in touch on the phone.

She was a fun, thoughtful, friend. We offer our condolences to her family and friends. I know she is happy being with Worley again. We have felt comfort with the knowledge of the wonderful loving care that Jill and those where she has lived have given her.

01-20-2016 6:04 PM -- By: Cassima Basye,  From: Dallas, TX  

"A beautiful soul always to be missed Go be with Jesus my dearest Aunt Let your smile brighten Heavens gate For we know we shall see you again In Paradise-where you await"

I have memories of visiting Worley and Audrey in Montclair. She taught me how to make bacon that was not super crispy.

01-20-2016 4:40 PM -- By: Mel and Monica,  From:  

We are sorry so about your mom, twice lost to you.  We love you and will keep you in our prayers.

01-20-2016 3:58 PM -- By: Steve Carr,  From: Folsom  

 Audrey was the best mother-in-law a man could ask for.  Always good for a laugh and even if we weren't laughing she brightened everyone's day.  She was my mother-in-law for 44 years but I always considered her one of my best friends. While it's been tough watching her loose her sharpness over the past few years, she kept her sense of humor and love of family.  Her spirit shaped our family and we are all better people because of her.  Marsha has been the best daughter anyone could ask for.  Audery was a tremendous role model for our kids.  We'll always have her with us because she was such a positive influence on all of us.

01-20-2016 1:19 PM -- By: Lilaine Thomas,  From: Montclair, CA  

You were a wonderful neighbor and most of all,  friend, and I will never forget you.  I am thankful you are at peace now, with no more broken bones and health issues.  I'll always remember your kindness, laughter, and  our spontaneous visits!  I miss you lots.  Until we meet again....with love, Lilaine

01-20-2016 12:56 PM -- By: Brett & Dolores Carls,  From: Prescott Valley, AZ  

 Sending our sincere sympathies to you and the family.

God Bless You All

01-20-2016 8:01 AM -- By: Vic & Ronni Booth,  From: Austin Texas  

Audrey was my closest sister.  I loved being her little brother.  I have such wonderful memories of our times growing up and later when she was married.   Whenever we went to Los Angeles she and Worley were our must visit.  When ever we talked on the phone I always started with "this is your good looking brother" and of course she would say Vic!  I will miss Audrey a lot but I know we will be together some day.

01-20-2016 12:23 AM -- By: Mark Wiseman,  From: Corona, CA  

My heart goes out to all Audrey's family & friends. Audrey (grandma) as I called her, was always warm and welcoming to me in her home. She had a great sense of humor and often tolerated me and Jeff being silly teenagers at her house after high school. I will never forgot her.   Sincerely, Mark

01-19-2016 11:45 PM -- By: Jakie Moran,  From: Folsom, CA  

Marsha, as you know, I met your Mom in her later years and although you talked about her a lot, I didn't know about her love of music. She is smiling and looks truly happy to be surrounded by family in every picture.

What a wonderful tribute to her memory. 


01-19-2016 10:36 PM -- By: Jane storrer,  From: Seattle WA  

I have fond memories of Auntie Audry and her sense of humor! I have enjoyed the recent photo's of her dancing with a big smile on her face  while looking very graceful! Thank you for the essence of you Auntie!

♥♥♥Your neice Jane

01-19-2016 9:36 PM -- By: Harry Fletcher,  From: Riverside CA  

 Bye Bye Dear Sister-in-law. I'll miss both your sister Lorraine and you.

01-19-2016 9:17 PM -- By: Linda (Olsen) Harris,  From: Palm Desert, CA  

 So sorry to hear of Audrey's passing.  My sympathy is for the family, and my prayers are for Audrey.  Now she begins her next journey, without sickness, and Hooray for that!

Linda (Cousin of the Carr's)


01-19-2016 9:01 PM -- By: Jim Pirlo,  From: Montclair,Ca  

 So sorry about your dear Mom, It was God.s will and she is with your Dad,

Love you and Hope you get through this OK.

Jill and Jeff as well.

Love and God Bless,

Jm and Pete



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