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Memorial created 07-13-2016 by
Dana Mackay
Tina Tobias
December 17 1952 - July 9 2016

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01-14-2017 1:52 PM -- By: Tafford & Lori Oltz,  From: Whitefish, MT  


we were so saddened to hear of Tina's unexpected death. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family.

I will never forget the hospitality and friendship that you extended to me when Tina and I tried to change and improve the healthcare in St. Croix. There hasn't been a Christmas that we haven't thought about you and Tina and fun we had snorkeling  

01-08-2017 1:04 PM -- By: Peggy Keylin,  From: Downs, IL  

Dear Toby, Kirra and Noah, I just learned of Tina’s passing and my thoughts and energy go out to you. She is a big spirit who shared herself with this world generously. She was courageous in her honesty and empathy. She was a dear and fun friend. It's a loss that always hits hard, but she’s with you every day and everywhere in great fullness and joy. When my Dad died a few years ago, I thought I would cry forever, but I was wrong! The very night I learned of his death and was mourning him, I saw a flash of light in the southern night sky. I thought it may have been a falling star and went on with my sad feelings. Immediately a second light flashed in the northern sky. Suddenly I saw or sensed a HUGE person (so big I could only see as high as his legs!) dancing across the sky. He was leaping up in pure bliss, clicking his heels, sparks flying off each time he did. Immediately I knew it was Dad, I knew he was incredibly free and happy, and I knew he was able to be everywhere at once. I realized my mourning was because I wanted him to be here with me and for me. I knew in my heart I could never want to deny anyone the freedom and bliss I saw. At that instant my mourning stopped. I was happy for him, and I've felt his real presence with me over and over since that night. Look for Tina, she is forever there for you. I don't know your beliefs and opinions about this life and what, if anything, comes before or after it, but the excerpt below has proved true over and over again in my life whenever someone dear leaves. The signs are everywhere of the immense freedom of movement and joy in existence in the spirit world. Hopefully these words will bring you calm and connection now. Peggy Keylin Excerpt from the Bardol Thodol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Liberation through Understanding in the Between) translated by Robert A.F. Thurman. . . .There is no question that annihilationism flourishes abundantly in our world. Therefore, allowing nirvana to appear as if it were the supreme of blissful oblivions is not a useless teaching tactic. It is adroit and beneficial. Especially since it turns out that the seeker who embraces nothingness, who blasts off into the samadhi of the void, finds that what ceases is not all life, but is his or her ignorance, misknowledge, egocentric addiction, the subjective and objective self-addictions. Fortunately, liberation - the cessation of self-addiction - results in a powerful and durable happiness, a vibrant and sustaining bliss. That special overflowing of joy makes the small worldly joys previously knowable in the tight trap of self-addiction seem paltry and pathetic. And the final bonus is that this relatively ultimate bliss, this supreme beatitude of the happiness of real freedom, naturally realizes that the lack of isolated, fixed, and independent self is just equivalent to the presence of all totally interrelated things and beings, inconceivably intertwining endlessly throughout unmeasurable eternity and unencompassable infinity. Free from all craving for nothings and oblivions, there is a personal destiny of endless involvement with limitless others. All this spurs you to share your happiness and to release the flow of your love, without the slightest diminution of your ultimate nirvana of indivisible bliss and freedom.

09-26-2016 9:47 AM -- By: Mckenzy ,  From:  

My sincerest condolences for your loss. Death is so unnaturally, especially realized by those who are left behind to greive. Through similar trials I found comfort in the words at John 5:28,29, a promise that death will soon be done away with and those taken captive by it will live again. May you too find hope and peace for the future.

09-01-2016 8:36 AM -- By: LINDA,  From: KOSOVO  

 My deepest sympathies to all of you

08-23-2016 7:57 PM -- By: Marilyn May,  From: STX  

 Beloved Tina,  Gone to God

Vivacious, kind, caring, generous, serving others, getting it done.

Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, so missed here, so busy over There

Tina promoted Missionary work.



08-17-2016 12:11 AM -- By: Deborah Johnson ,  From: Washington, DC  

 I remember  Tina from my time at SCCC. I liked her firm spirit and sense of humor. One of the things I remembered about Tina was her platter of bacon at our women's fellowships. It was so good and was always enough. Bacon was expensive back then, so it was a real treat to get it. Tina remembered. 


I also remembered the great pride and love she had for her children.  I enjoyed hearing of her going to see her son in Annapolis while he was at the naval academy.  Also of her daughter and the work she did aboard a ship. I can't remember all of the events clearly, but I enjoyed a delicious meal and fellowship at her home.

I was saddened to hear of her passing, but I know I'll see her again in the Rapture. God bless her family.

08-05-2016 12:57 PM -- By: Tom Grabiek,  From: New Hampshire  

My condolences to you, Billy, and to your Family and Friends.  We had some great fun together in grade school and at SRHS.  I'm sorry I never got to meet Tina and it is sad that it's been so many years since we've gotten together.  Take care of yourself.  Peace and Love.  Tom 

08-05-2016 7:32 AM -- By: Rafe Boulon,  From: St. John  

 Dear Toby, Kirra and Noah:

I was shocked and stunned to recently hear of your loss. Words cannot adequately express how much I want to reach out and hug and console you. My memories of Tina go back to the early 80s when you and I started at Fish and Wildlife. She was a wonderful person and will be missed by all who were touched by her light and life. My deepest sympathies to all of you. Your friend across the water......Rafe

07-31-2016 2:28 PM -- By: Steve & Debbie Hendrix,  From: Christiansted  

Debbie and me were truly shocked to hear of this and truly think of Tina's family in our thoughts and prayers. She truly was a remarkable person.

07-30-2016 6:55 AM -- By: Trisha,  From: New York  

My condolences to the Family of Tina. May God give you comfort and strength. Psalm 37:39. Our loving Creator will soon put an end to all pain and suffering and bring about beautiful conditions on earth. Revelation 21:3,4. ~Sincerely 

07-28-2016 5:38 PM -- By: Denise Ringham-Powers,  From: North Hollywood, CA  

Shalom...Forgive me that I was not aware of Tina's "home calling!"  I first met her at SCCC April/May 2014 at the welcome meal.  I also joined her in woman's study group. She always had a beautiful smile and a "HUG" waiting for you!  I look forward to seeing you again sister.  Shalom 

To the Tobias Family...May Y'shua's Loving Arms embrace you and comfort you all...Amen. 



07-27-2016 12:23 PM -- By: Davina England ,  From: St Croix  

Since I have moved back to the island, Tina encouraged me to volunteer, even making them an annual event. We had plans to study, "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer, this fall. She was reviewing the book this summer. I would like to uphold that promise by meeting Wednesday evenings, with Kimberley's help of course.

07-26-2016 11:45 AM -- By: Johanna Sextius ,  From: St.Croix US Virgin Islands  

Dear Tina Tobias Family

We were very stunned to hear this sad news and still can’t believe that it really happened.....
There’s no words that can express how sorry I am to hear about your beloved ...our lovely Tinker Belle Tina... she was a wonderful ... generous person and did not think twice to give of herself...
As we all know..her hugest joy was to make others happy...and do crafty... girly.. spiritual family things that glorified Our amazing Father.... I'm certain we will keep ourselves cherishing Tinas’s memory forever....and hopefully keep her fulfilling dreams alive....what did I know about Advent and Mod podge  before Ms.Tina.... nada:)
And it was a pleasure.. honor and true worship cooking with her for the teens at YWAM... 💜
During this difficult moment.. our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you.... you are a strong husband..son and daughter.......
God knows.. it can be really tough when little seems to be fulfilling or make sense ...I’m not sure if there’s any specific advice I can give that will help....just know... how much  love and support people have when things like this happen... just like Tina and you all always been there for others.....
However... as they say.. the one who is adored the most by God...is the one who achieves eternal life
May Tina rest in peace💜
Our light must shine by doing such good works as men may see. What is between God and our souls... must be kept to ourselves; but that which is of itself open to the sight of men..we must study to make suitable to our profession...and praiseworthy. We must aim at the glory of God...
This decribes Tina:)
Matthew 5:14 

07-25-2016 9:02 PM -- By: The Parrotta Family,  From: Timonium, MD  

 We have missed Tina since leaving St. Croix.  Her smile lit up the CDS office.  We knew she really cared about the kids and always did her best to make them feel better.  Our deepest sympathies to the Tobias family.  

07-25-2016 1:20 PM -- By: Jay Difede,  From: Kemah, Texas  

Dear Toby,
Although many years have passed since I lived on St. Croix, the memories of your family remain fresh in my mind. Those years from 1976 through 1989 were amazing in so many ways including the wonderful times we had together with Tina. She was a great person to know and be around. Please accept our heartfelt condolences from my family for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Kirra, and Noah at this difficult time.
With deepest sympathy, Jay Difede


07-25-2016 10:49 AM -- By: Joanna Isherwood,  From: St. Croix  

As for many, trying to articulate all you want to say at such a time is truly a challenge.  There is, however, a growing thankfulness for having shared life with Tina for so long and yet now it seems much too short a time.  Her zest for life and loving dedicaiton to serve those around her reflected God's indwelling Holy Spirit with such simplicity and beauty.  Her presence with us will be sorely missed.

Toby, Kirra, and Noah - May God give you an extra measure of strength, love, and grace as you navigate these days and all those ahead of you.  May she feel perhaps even closer to you now in eternity than ever before.  We love you, Joanna & Dick

07-25-2016 9:51 AM -- By: Maria and Olaf,  From: STX  

 Tina was a special person small in size but big in spirit , I know God didn't want  her to suffer and on July 09 ; God open his arms and said welcome home Tina well done faithful servant

Toby and family may the peace of God reign in your heart always. She is in a better place. We will miss her.

Olaf and Millie Hennemann





07-25-2016 9:49 AM -- By: Larry & Rosa Phelps,  From: Bastrop Texas  

 We were all blessed and touched by Tina and she will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

07-24-2016 8:30 PM -- By: Tonya Nyfield,  From:  

 Tina was a lovely, giving and helpful friend. I and my family will miss her

07-24-2016 3:49 PM -- By: Diane G. John,  From: St. Croix, USVI  

I first met Tina in September of 2012 when my friend and colleague, Judy David, suggested that I get my son involved in the cub scout program. I can vividly remember from that first meeting I went to that October, and how hands on she was with just EVERYTHING. Working closely with Tina for the years i was a den leader when my son was a cub scout helped me to get to know who Tina was a a person, a woman, a mother, a wife, and a Christian. Then, when i started attending St. Croix Christian Church the following Spring, she was also a member there and so we had the opportunity to walk our faith walk together as sisters in Christ. Even when my son became a boy scout, she was still there on the sidelines, encouraging him and cheering him on. Little did I know, Tina had known my family for years as both my older brother and younger brother are alums of Country Day School, I didn't know her because I was at a rival school down the highway in Whim :) Tina absolutely cared about everyone and everything, she tackled life with gusto and she was unapologetically a fierce woman of God, not to be taken lightly. When my dad died 2 years ago, she was a shoulder to lean on, selflessly bringing meals for my family, and offering to help me with my son's needs. Her office door at country day was always open, and everytime I stopped by, she always had a hug, a listening ear, and wise counsel for me. Tina, you are missed and you are love. Sleep on in Paradise!

07-23-2016 6:04 PM -- By: Stan Joines,  From:  

 Hard working, devoted, loving, organized, thoughtful, inspired, motivated, kind, funny, caring.  Thank you, God, for loaning us Tina for awhile.  She made a positive difference in my life, and in the life of my son.

07-23-2016 11:09 AM -- By: ,  From:  

 She walked through life doing for her family and others with grace and dignity.  She will be greatly missed by the scouting community.  Terri and Alejandro Perez 

07-23-2016 9:01 AM -- By: Savy,  From: St. Croix  

Rest in Peace Ms. Tobias. Thanks for always being so caring and thoughtful

07-23-2016 8:02 AM -- By: Tsion Aberra ,  From:  

Tina was a dedicated school nurse and a cherished family friend. I have fond memories, not only of being comforted by her when I broke my arm or developed a fever at school, but of spending countless afternoons and summer days relaxing, eating and playing at the Tobias' home. My last memory of her is a holiday party she hosted on Christmas Eve a couple years ago. I was disappointed because my mother's flight was arriving late, but Tina had so much positive energy and motherly love to go around that the night was full of nothing but joy. Tina had a wonderful spirit and loving presence that impacted those around her in lasting and meaningful ways. She will be sorely missed.

07-23-2016 6:34 AM -- By: Blake Bennett,  From:  

I only have good memories of Ms. Tobias. She was always so kind to me. My deepest condolences.

07-22-2016 9:08 PM -- By: Olivia Hanley,  From:  

 Mrs. Tobias was the best health teacher. She made the class fun and interesting which made me look forward to having the class each week, and kept me wanting to have more classes. She let us have fun and learn at the same time which is a hard quality to find in a teacher. She was easy to talk to and I knew that I could ask her anything. We all have a person that you can go to for anything and she was my person. She was loved by many and will be greatly missed. 

07-22-2016 8:56 PM -- By: Heather,  From: WA  

I am really sorry that you lost Tina Tobias. Love Heather

07-22-2016 1:54 PM -- By: Beryl Steel,  From: St. Croix, VI  

 A dedicated Registered Nurse, colleague and friend, shall forever be remembered by those fortunate to have known her.  May her family find strength from GOD...

07-22-2016 10:06 AM -- By: Linda Fitts,  From: Louisville KY  

 I had the pleasure of visitng St. Croix with the Lewis family and got to know Tina during that trip. A lovely woman. She will be missed.

07-21-2016 6:19 PM -- By: Rochelle Walker ,  From:  

I'm so incredibly sorry. Ms. Tobias was always so kind, loving, down to earth and patient - whether during health class or in her office. All of my love and prayers to the family during this time.


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