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Patrick Agamba

Memorial created 12-25-2016 by
Patrick Agamba
Rev. Fr. Clement Agamba
August 10 1962 - December 3 2016

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08-10-2017 5:55 PM -- By: Dolores Chavez,  From: Benson, Az  

Happy Birthday and Ordination You are truly missed I see Fr. Martin and I see you, how you both resemble each other. Keeping your memory alive, you would be proud of all the projects that were done that you had started but never got to see, but I know you watching us.

07-21-2017 8:27 PM -- By: M. Vaughn,  From: Oklahoma, U.S.A.  

 Patrick and Family: Please accept my most sincere condolences for your loss. At Rev. 21:3,4, it reads "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away". 

06-22-2017 5:51 PM -- By: John Lohse,  From: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parrish  

Fr. Clement - you, your family, and your people in Ghana are always in my prayers!

06-18-2017 7:53 PM -- By: Heather Forman ,  From: Zillah,WA  

Dear Patrick Agamba I am really sorry that you lost Rev. Fr. Clement Agamba. Love Heather

06-17-2017 10:53 AM -- By: Ardelle Churchill,  From: Pearce. Az.  

06-03-2017 6:17 PM -- By: Yvonne Grutzius,  From: SEAS Tucson AZ  

He was so wonderful with the Nursing home residents where he served and I volunteered. We missed him so much when he left SEAS.

04-24-2017 4:32 PM -- By: Amanda Osuna,  From: Benson, AZ  

 Father Clement is missed. I really loved his passion for what he did - his faith shone through every time he spoke. HIs love of God inspired me to be a better person of faith. I feel very fortunate my kids and I were able to learn from him, he was truly a blessing to all!

03-19-2017 11:18 PM -- By: Marie Smith,  From: OLOL  

03-06-2017 5:49 AM -- By: Stephen Akwolaga,  From: Kayoro  

May Almighty God Rest His Soul in Pefect Peace.Amen

02-16-2017 11:35 AM -- By: David Naas,  From: Benson, Arizona, USA  

I only regret that it was such a short time I knew him. His example made me want to be a better Christian.

02-14-2017 3:47 PM -- By: Maggie Montijo,  From: Benson  

We all will miss him dearly!

02-13-2017 6:00 PM -- By: Eunice Abudu-Adam,  From:  

 Fr. Clement - Rest in perfect peace. 



"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted"

01-22-2017 4:36 PM -- By: maria mcsteen,  From: punxsutawney  

Thank you for your service to Our Lord.  My vocation is to pray for holy priests daily.  Thank you.

01-22-2017 2:13 PM -- By: Gavin Y,  From:  

01-19-2017 1:21 PM -- By: Kasise Ricky Peprah ,  From: Accra -Ghana  

 Some become priestly at their ordination, you were born so.

Some worked at being loving, to you it was second nature. 

Some sought approval, you were motivated by a higher calling.

I have known you all my life and It is a mark of your humility that I call you brother. 

When I think of you i  think dignity.

Even when few people bothered about me throughout my battle with alcohol,  you never judged and always cared.

I don't know if it is my faith or my confidence that you are in heaven but be reassured that I celebrate your life more than I mourn.

Now more than ever I know that saints are not extraordinary people but rather ordinary people with extraordinary hearts.

Thank you Fr. Clement Agamba . You more than did your best.

I will forevercherish our chats in Sirigu and the many times you lent me your motorcycle. 

My promise to you is that I will endeavour to emulate you, your selflessness , humanity and humility. 

Rest in peace big brother 


01-17-2017 3:53 PM -- By: Dolores Chavez,  From: Benson AZ  

 Fr. Clement you were taken from us to early, In the 2 an half years since I starting working with you, I felt we knew each other for many many years and our working relationship was one of trust, honesty, confidence and professionalism. You were also a tremendous Pastor, so spiritual and always caring for your sheep in one way or another and always with compassion for all. I  truly miss seeing you in the office and celebrating Mass, there is such a void. Your smile and laughter about snakes and things we talked about made each day at work awesome, I miss hearing your keys jiggle trying to unlock the office door and your Ghana music you played while in your office, even though I didn't understand it. The music made my day and a special place in my heart for your people. Thank you for being a Good Shepard

01-15-2017 10:57 PM -- By: Helen Rock,  From: Benson, AZ USA  

Dear Father Clement, your untimely departure has left an unbelievable void in so many lives.  As my spiritual director, you helped me tremendously on my faith journey.  The kindness, gentleness, and compassion you showed my husband during his recovery from the serious accident he suffered in June 2015 were a true reflection of God's mercy.  And, you were the good shepherd to all of God's people who were blessed with your presence.  I miss you terribly, but I have two consolations:  First, I know you are with our Lord now; and second, I know I will see you again one day.  Rest in peace my beloved pastor and counselor.

01-15-2017 10:29 AM -- By: Bartholomew K Chirapanga,  From: Ghana, Walewale  

 .My brother, May your light continue to shine on us still here with your love, whilst you rest in perfect peace

01-02-2017 8:57 AM -- By: R.F.,  From: N.Y,  

To the Agamba Family, I give my condolence. God gives comfort by promising that "Your dead will rise up, live, and shout joyfully. The earth will let those powerless in death come to life." (Isaiah 26:19) What a wonderful promise of the resurrection. May you always reflection on his words for comfort and peace. May you keep the hope of embracing your beloved again.

12-29-2016 2:36 AM -- By: Sr. LetiClare Pwalua,  From:  


Rev, Fr. Clement Agamba As a seminarian was affectionately called “Apauly  balaga” (Paul Jr) by my late mum and Fr. Roger Senabisi is called “Ajoe balaga” and that is what I call them till now.  Fr. Clement Agamba contributed so much to my Religious vocation.  Fr. Agamba nurtured the seed of Religious vocation in my life by calling me Sitri  Kadua  when I was a child, simply because I had one oversized blue dress that resembles the habit of the late Sr. Kadua. And whenever I don’t wear that dress and he sees me he will ask me “why didn’t you wear your Sitri  Kadua  gandiri”?  During one of Fr’s holiday Catechism classes for first Communion as a seminarian; he told me that, because of this dress you will be a Re. Sister one day.   

       As years passed by, in 1998, I came to the Navrongo Cathedral administrator the late Msgnr. Apuri for a recommendation letter to the Convent and Fr. Clement as a accurate was asked to write the letter and, handing over the letter to me Fr. Asked me “you want to be a religious”?  I said yes, and with my last name he teased me in kassem, Pwalua” chiefs too mined” but, make sure you mine the Spiritual Gold that is profitable” and continued with his own last name Agamba “I deceived them ooo”. So don’t think you can deceive me. He then took to the Blessed Sacrament in the church and prayed for me and after he blessed me he told to take the Blessed Sacrament as my refuge so, since then the Blessed Sacrament has been my refuge. And each time I had a problem in the Convent and I call him to complain he teases me with my last name first, “If chiefs can mines gold why won’t you have problems”?  One day, Fr. Clement teasing me by telling Bishop Lucas to ask me if I still mine gold in the convent?  Bishop replied “she doesn’t even know how to handle her problems how much more to mind gold! Fr. Clement reminded me by telling me “turn those problems into a gold mine and they will be profitable for you in the future”.

  Fr. your Spiritual support this time will be stronger because of your position now, I will not fall away,  I will continue to forge ahead amidst the challenges of life and,  I will always remember your words of encouragement and turn all challenges into a gold mine. You were actually a father to me more than a brother, you were one of those priests who helped me see my health not a problem but rather my part of sharing of Jesus’s suffering. Fr. was always available to everybody without distinction, and no one pays a visit to Fr. Agamba and leave without being tied of laughter or problem not being solved. I am in tears does not mean that I have no faith in God.  Fr. I know and trust that you are in a better place and a good position now to help us all and intercede for us to see the face of God when our time comes.  Though we will miss your smiles, teases and your concern towards our problems, we have no choice than to accept your transition from this world, we hope to meet again where there will be no tears again but joy forever.


Fari, nyi  lanyeran


Your sister

 Sr. Leticlare Pwalua


12-26-2016 12:45 PM -- By: Winfred Avogo,  From: Ghana (Reside in Bloomington, Illinois)  

 To our dearly beloved, Fr. Clement,

For many decades you have brought joy and sustenance to us, your family, parishioners, out-stations and fellow priests from Ghana to Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Indeed, Dec 03 is a tragic day and will forever remain a dark spot in our lives.

You lost your life way too soon! You had so many dreams waiting to be accomplished. It is sad that you’re not here to see through those dreams.

However, you would not want us to focus so much on the grief and circumstances of your death but on your short life here on earth.

You believed in the essence of humanity and did everything you could to touch the lives of all that you encountered.

We all knew growing up that you were special, our mother made that clear. There was no doubt you were created in the likeness and image of God.

When you woke everyday, the call to rise was not for you but for others.

The eternal journey you prepared was not for you but for others.

The wisdom and love God gave you was not for you but for others.

The father and counselor you became was not for you but for others.

Your life was never for you but for others.

Go well, my dearly beloved brother!! Your mission is accomplished!

Sleep well, till we meet again, I will forever miss you but will honor name for the rest of my days on this earth.

Ye lan yerani, Fr. Cle!

Winfred Avogo (your younger borther)


12-26-2016 10:17 AM -- By: Raphael Mario Toodle ,  From: San Antonio, Texas  

I first meet Fr. Clement in 1983, the year I arrived in Ghana. He was a very good priest and exceptionally hard working in all the parishes to which he was sent. I wonderful man with a beautiful smile. May he rest in God’s eternal peace. 

12-26-2016 9:43 AM -- By: Simon Kandwebu,  From:  

 You may be gone in body but you live on through the seeds of love you have sown wherever you have been. I am honoured to have experienced your kindness and love personally and for that shown to my brothers and sisters in the school in Paga. The lives you have touched and the difference you have made in the lives of many lives on. Thank you my dear brother and rest in perfect peace!

12-26-2016 8:10 AM -- By: Trisha,  From: New York  

Dear Patrick, sorry that you lost Clement. May God give you strength. Death is a sting. Our loving Creator will put an end to pain, suffering and death. Revelation 21:3,4. He longs to bring back our dear loved ones to be with us in peaceful conditions on earth that we can enjoy with our families. Job 14:14,15 ~Sincere Condolences 

12-26-2016 3:13 AM -- By: Rosemary Addat,  From:  

12-25-2016 11:06 PM -- By: Patrick Agamba,  From:  

You are at Peace in Eternity. I am privileged to have known you as a junior brother and my best friend in this earthly life. I was on your bedside until you drew your last breath and transitioned into eternity on December 3, 2016. Even in your physical death you had a smile on your face to the dismay of many. You packed an enormous body of work into 54 years in human terms. Physical death did not scare you. You submitted to the Will of God. Please continue to pray for us in God's Kingdom until we reunite.   




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