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Memorial created 06-1-2017 by
Creator/Page Sponser: Nikki,Nisa & Jayden García
January 28 1982 - May 18 2017

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06-16-2017 5:46 PM -- By: Heather,  From:  

I am really sorry that you lost Tom Goins. Love Heather

06-02-2017 12:19 PM -- By: Cathy Huff,  From: Stuart,Fl  

So very sorry. Love & continued prayers for Tom's family.

06-01-2017 11:10 AM -- By: Nikki Garcia,  From: El Cajon/San Diego,Ca  

 made this memorial page 4 his family & friends,he will be forever & always missed,i made this page so he can always be remembered,the people on this site are awsome,i learned that when i lost my besti in 2007..everyone will go one day,but we just dont know when,only god knows when each will go..we will always miss our loved ones as im sure they miss us like we do them but in time,we will one day see them again,& everyday that goes by,its another day closer we are 2 getting their..2 see our loved one again,time stops for nothing & no1..2007 was a really not good time 4 me,ill never be the same,this once happy person i always was before was forever gone,still sad,but this site helped alot,i still go on my besti's virtual-memorial site page..10yrs has passed,i thought even by now even after all this time id be better but if i said i was,it would be a lie..i lost my besti the 1 who was always their,finnished eachothers sentences never once fought even..the one i went 2 for everything,he is now gone,& im just not who i used 2 be i guess anymore,i wanted things to stop,didnt want holidays 2 start without him,things were really bad..really bad.. i now have my Jayden & my little Nisa they are growing up so fast,time flys so fast,people come & go but leave footprints in ur heart & memories that last forever..not even death can take that away really from us,when we go,we leave here with our hearts full of memories & love,are loved ones im sure will wait 4 us when its our time to go,but 4 now,& 4 them,we should keep goin & do what will make our loved ones proud..these people on this site were just at 1st strangers & then the more i was on this site i read people comments & their pages of their loved ones, everyone on this site has their own sad story of how they lost their loved 1,or best friend,daughter or son etc..people on here are amazing & show tons of support,we help eachother get through,but their are times when things get to bad & give up,a lady i knew on here she lost her son,i talked 2 her almost daily,i was even more sad when i had sign on & learned from another family member of hers that she had been really sad & depressed & that she had passed away,i thought she was so strong & that she was doin better & that she would make it through & that i could help her..some do & some dont but i still come on here & read others pages..& try 2 be their,its the right thing 2 do..she was a good lady,she will be missed.. for every bad thing that happens i know their can always be a good positive that also can..people on here they are their 4u they help u through even if just a stranger.. god can & works in mysterious ways.. people on here can help.. people on this site really do care,i made this page in hopes of not to remember he is gone but to remember him,& all good that he had done while here,so family & friends can come here & write what they feel or memories or post pics..to remember always the good.. 

i was living in wv for a short time,i have met Tom,my Jayden was very small,doesnt member a whole lot.. but i remember him,he was a good guy,smart,outgoing,funny,one of a kind,always doin for others,had a family...he was so loved...by his family & friends... i herd the sad news on facebook,i had seen this post or something that John had made.. so i looked & then seen more,i was like omg :-( i talked 2 John.. i feel bad he passed,he was a really good guy,he's soooo loved & missed by all he knew... i hope by making this page for him,for his loved 1s,& friends,that in time things will get better 4 them,& that coming on here will be good,they can have more support & remember the good...




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