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Memorial created 10-4-2007 by
Janette Blue
Jessica Jordan Blue
March 13 1986 - May 1 2003

She was an angel on earth, now in heaven

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Jessica Jordan Blue. We would appreciate you signing Jessica's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember our Jessica forever. We lost our beloved Jessica on May 1, 2003. She was diagnoised with toxic shock syndrome from a rare case of strep throat. Our lives have been forever changed. Jessica is survived by her parents Dave and Janette Blue, brother Matt, Grandmother Donna Hecker, Grandparents George and Gwen Blue, Great Grandmother Mildred Blue, Aunts and Uncles, Glenda and Dave Philio, Brad and Sheila Blue, John Blue and Brian Blue. Cousins Kenny, Jen, Jenny, Diana, Johanna, Emily, Stephanie, Lisa, Conrad, Ashley and Brandon. Last but not least Frasier her westie.

It was her junior year at Kentridge High School in Kent, Washington. Jess had just turned 17 years old. We decided to go to Disneyland that year for the kids spring break. On Wednesday, Jessica (who rarely complained) told us her throat was sore. As there were no other symptoms, relief came through over the counter medication from a pharmacy. By Friday evening she had an obvious fever and shortness of breath. On Saturday morning, by the time we got to John Wayne Airport to fly home, she was very ill. During the flight she broke out with a severe rash on her chest and when the airplane landed in Seattle, Jess could not walk off the plane. We rushed her to Valley Medical Center which was 10 minutes from the airport. Suspecting pneumonia, they ran many tests, eventually detecting a high white blood cell count indicating signs of toxic shock.  Arrangements were made to rush Jessica to Children's Hospital in Seattle where she was admitted into ICU for support with antibiodics, oxygen and a ventilator.  The diagnosis was a lung disease known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).  Toxic shock from an aggressive strep throat infection that entered her bloodstream resulted in a sepsis infection in her lungs.  Tuesday morning, her fourth day in ICU, Jessica underwent cardiac arrest as a result of fluid accumulating around her heart.  Forcing air into her lungs from the ventilator had caused an injury and leak.  The doctors were able to fully revive Jessica and, to allow time for her lungs to recover, placed her on ECMO to bypass her lungs while reoxygenating her blood.  Jessica remained on ECMO for eight days.  Progressively, there were encouraging signs that her lungs were recovering and plans were made to take her off the device.  On April 30th, the night before she was to come off ECMO, Jessica again suffered cardiac arrest.  The doctors revived her and emergent plans were made to also bypass her heart.  A few hours later, before they could complete their plan, Jessica had another event from which they could not bring her back to life. We lost our Jessica at 3:36AM on May 1st.  The autopsy revealed that pressure from an accumulation of blood in the heart sac had prevented her heart chambers from filling up and likely constrained the blood supply to the heart itself.


Our beloved little girl

Jessica was a dream child the minute she was born. Never giving us one moment of grief. We enjoyed watching her in t-ball, ballet and swim lessons at 5. Basketball, Softball and dance at age 10. Fastpitch, drill team drama and choir at 14.Cheerleading,DECA and church activites at age 17. This once very quiet girl was starting to blossom into a mature young adult. Jess always gave her all in whatever she was doing. She achieved good grades at school with a 3.93 grade point average. Jess was looking forward to attending the University of Washington after her senior year. Jessica was a girl with big dreams. She wanted to own houses all over the world. When our family travelled she would always walk into a restaurant, shop and say " I want that for my house in Bermuda" or "Greece". Jess was willing to work hard to get what she wanted. Our family was fortune to travel to many places as I worked for a cruise line for over 20 years. We went on many Caribbean Cruises, Panama Canal Cruises, Alaska Cruises and Mexico Cruises. We also spent time in Maui, Road trip to Oklahoma. Summers in Whistler, Sun Valley, Sun River and Beaver Creek Colorado. Jessica loved to see the world. Her dream was to go to Paris. She was in her 3rd year of french at school and wanted to try out the language.


Jessica was adored by all

Jessica had an extremely strong faith. She loved to attend church and to worship with her "C" group. She also attended young life at her high school. Jessica was always known to have "The Most Beautiful Smile". She was also very genuine. She would do anything to help out a friend. She would help some friends with school work that they didn't understand. She was a good listener for friends who just needed to talk. She loved life......her family..... and her friends. This world would have been better off having someone like Jessica in it. Now she is doing alot of good things in heaven. We miss her dearly.


Jessica enjoyed life!

Jessica was a very unselfish person. I have never known another girl like her. Material things were not a big deal to her. She was easily satisfied with clothing from Old Navy and never found it necessary to only shop at Nordstrom or Abercrombie and Fitch. She was very loyal to her friends and was willing to help out anyone either with her time or financially. She would stay away from those who she recognized as not being "real" to themselves and took pride in knowing who she was, no pretences. We were very proud of the person she had become.




Jessica with Santa ( her dad)

In high school Jess was very picky about who she was going to date. No one ever met her expectations. She stayed away from the drugs and alcohol crowd. I was pleased that she was willing to wait for the right man to come into her life. I will always imagine what he would be like...... I guess we will never know. She deserved to experience the feeling of love, dating and marriage. I will forever cry out to God asking him why he took our Jessica away from us. She earned the right to feel and experience life like everyone else...  We Miss her so much!


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