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Marie Sampaia Bugado
March 2 1918 - April 8 1998

A Brief Description Of Mama

Mama, Mary (Marie) De Silva Sampaia Bugado, was a very petite lady with very little feet. I always admired her attractive face and the way she loved to dress. Mama was a very positive type of person and that was the reason why she succeeded as a business woman.

One thing I shall always remember is her sweet personality; however, you couldn?t anger her because as I said in my poem, sparks would fly. Although she may have been temperamental at times, she was well -liked by many because of her kind attitude. The one thing I?ll never forget about mama was that she was a very good cook.
By ?Lorraine (Lori) Bugado Ornellas June 1985



A letter
to one Mary (Marie) DeSilva Sampaia Bugado.
I?ve know you all my life - yet -
there?s so much more to know.
I do remember some of that time ago..
The running and racing, to and fro?-
the sounds of scoldings -
the feel of hugs?
the sounds of chidings -
the feel of caring.

There was lots to do, helping you out,
being big sister around and about.
There was lots to be - I, cleaning and caring.
There was lots to be - you, caring and working.
Those times so weary, home you came;
yet food was ready, just the same.

Growing, going, growing,
I growing up,
You growing - not just older;
Your life affirming, that much bolder.
We talked, we laughed, cried, and could even sing,
You made life ring?..
Mary (Marie) DeSilva Sampaia Bugado.

And I thank you for that
The gift of LIFE, and
a spirit so bright.
Yes, sparks did fly, but
not much went awry,
Fiery Lady - your warmth
overflows in outgoing positive life.

For so many, many things,
I thank you,
but so deeply do I thank you for that?
your made LIFE RING..and that you passed on to me too..
So especially to you
I give thanks true,
and my happy love, MA, IT?S YOU.
Hear that, MAMA? I LOVE YOU

One of your warm sparks of live,
your loving daughter,
Lorraine (Lori) Bugado Ornellas

June 1985


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