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Wayne Allen Shelton
October 28 1970 - August 3 1998

I want to take just a minute to tell you about my little brother, Wayne Allen. He was the greatest. At times he was like my child as I am 12 years older He had a special, laugh, special walk, and a special way he called me big sis. I wish I could hear him one more time "hey big sis". I look up each and everyday and say hey brother, I love you.

We need to take each day with our friends and family, as it might be the last one. If I had of known the day my brother was leaving, it would have been so different. I wouldn't have cried, I would have talked about all the good times we have had, and laughed at all the silly things we did. My life will always be a little sad, cause my only brother is no longer with me. I thank the good Lord for letting me have him to love for 27 years.

Wayne had been addicted to drugs for 8 years. He fought it so hard. (He was in 13 rehabs.) If you or someone you love is going through something similar please remember -- never give up! There is always help out there -- be strong for yourself and all those who love you If one person reads this and makes a change, I know it will be the love from Wayne above.

Wayne big sis will always love you

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