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Jerry D Cater
August 1 1941 - December 5 2003

Jerry at the Grand Canyon

I am proud to say that being loved by Jerry Cater is "the sweetest thing I've ever known."   On December 5, 2003 Jerry died from heart failure caused by complications from lung cancer. We found out he had cancer on the day he died. When Jerry died, he was surrounded by people who love him. I am so glad that God gave us all the chance to be with him. It is one of the hardest things I've ever done, but also one of the most treasured blessings of my life. Jerry always told me "I've had a great life and when I die, I will die a happy man." The day Jerry died he had been mostly knocked out by the morphine. But true to his word, right before he died, Jerry opened his eyes, looked around the room at all of us who love him, smiled one of the biggest smiles I've ever seen, and then he was gone.


Our 1st Christmas

Jerry and I met at Century 21 Beachside, where we were both real estate agents. Jerry had been an agent for about 18 months or so when I came into the office as a rookie. He took me under his wing and really helped me out. We became very good friends and that friendship soon developed into the greatest love of our lives. This photo was taken soon after we admitted to ourselves and each other that we were in love.


New Year's Eve, Tempe Arizona 1992

Jerry and I moved to Tempe, Arizona in November 1992. This great photo was taken at the downtown Tempe, New Year's Eve celebration. As you can see, Jerry was always ready for fun and he always made sure those around them had fun too. The fun that surrounded our life together is one of the things I miss the most.


Our Special Day

This picture was taken on one of the happiest days of my life, December 17, 1994. The Bible we are holding belonged to Jerry's dad, Forest Cater. Jerry told me that Forest was the best man he ever knew. I haven't met Forest, but I know he had to be a really great man to have raised the wonderful man his son turned out to be. Forest was a minister and worked for the Salvation Army as an accountant. I look forward to meeting him when I finally get to Heaven.


#1 Raider Fan

Jerry Cater was one of the biggest Raider fans ever. He even named our new kitten "Raider." Raider the cat is now 15 years old. In this photo, Jerry is proudly showing off his Super Bowl outfit that he made for the 2003 Super Bowl. He was sure disappointed when the Raiders lost that year. I'm so glad the raiders made it into the Super Bowl that year, since it would be the last Super Bowl that Jerry would ever get to see.


This picture appeared in the paper, in West Des Moines, Iowa. It was taken after Jerry saved his sister, Linda. Linda fell through the ice on a frozen creek and Jerry was able to pull her out. He had a hard time getting a hold of her, but finally grabbed hold of her coat tail and pulled her out. The Foreign Legion gave him a medal for saving his sisters life.


Jerry's sister Vicki dreamed of owning a 1957 Chevy. Jerry and his son Brent went on a trip to Montana looking for Mopar cars and came home with this '57 Chevy for Vicki. Brent said he had a hard time looking in the rearview mirror and seeing them pulling a Chevy instead of a Mopar. Jerry worked on the car for about 3 weeks and then we had a big family get together and surprised Vicki with her dream car. It's still her daily driver and her pride and joy.


This picture was taken the day Jerry gave Vicki her dream car. This was one of the happiest days of his life, making his sister's dream come true. And it is one of my proudest memories of him. Jerry was such a loving, giving person and I am so happy for him and Vicki that he was able to make her dream come true.


Jerry mentioned to sister, Marsha that he should get some goats to clear the hill behind our house, in Corona, California. So she arranged to surprise him at the animal shelter in Poway, Ca. I drove him there and he had no idea we were going to pick out a goat. He ended up with 3 goats. Of course we spoiled the goats with sweet grain and they did very little to clear the hill, but Jerry sure loved those goats.



Jerry had a real passion for classic cars, mopars mainly, especailly the "fin" cars.  His dream car was the 1958 Plymouth Fury.  He never got to own one, but came close when he purchased a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere.  This picture was taken by our daughter-in-law, Laura Cater.  It shows Jerry and I standing in front of his Belvedere, sister Vicki standing in front of her '57 Chevy and son Brent standing in front of his "62 Plymouth, holding daughter Ally.  Good times and good memories!


This photo was taken one Halloween (Jerry's favorite holiday).  He was dressed up like Black Bart and he is holding his cat, RAIDER.  RAIDER is now 16, will be 17 in November of 2009.


RAIDER died on August 15, 2010.  I will miss him always, but I know Jerry is thrilled to have RAIDER, BONNIE, AND CLYDE with him now.

BONNIE and CLYDE were our little dogs from the same litter.  CLYDE died August 31, 2009 and BONNIE died August 2, 2010.  I lost BONNIE and RAIDER only 13 days apart. 


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