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Memorial created 08-29-1998 by
Dee Alstatt
Amanda Joy Alstatt
March 15 1981 - June 5 1997



If we had one lifetime wish,
One dream that could come true
We'd pray to God so hard
For yesterday and you.
They say memories are golden
Well, maybe that is true
But we never wanted memories,
We only wanted you.
If teardrops were a stairway
And heartaches a lane,
We'd walk a path to heaven
And bring you back again.
A thousand times we've needed you
A thousand times we cried......
If love could have saved you,
You would have never died.
We love and miss you Amanda


Amanda was born on March 15, 1981. She had two brothers and one sister, Josh, Carl and Rachel. God gave Amanda blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes one could ever imagine. Amanda's eyes were her most outstanding feature. When Amanda looked at you, with her eyes, you knew you were helpless. She could see straight into your heart and soul.



Photo of Amanda with her Grandpa Carl. This is when she was a little girl of 8 years old. She was at a dancing at the county Fair

Amanda was the baby of the family. Everyone was always watching out for her and loved her with the passion the Lord loves us with. Amanda loved her sister Rachel so very much. Rachel was Amanda's Mentor. She wanted to be just like her big sister in every way possible. Every time she had the chance to wear her big sisters cloths she would, with, or without Rachel's permission. This usually cause some major conflicts on occasion between her and her sister!




Amanda followed in Rachel's footsteps in almost every area of her life. This included, learning how to swim, gymnastics, dancing, cheerleading and wanting to wear what her sister wore. They played together through out her childhood. Her favorite was playing office and secretary. By the time Amanda was eight years old she wanted to start dancing and learning in a studio. From the first time I saw Amanda dance, I knew, that she knew, what her love would be.

This is Amanda with her dance team. Dance Dynamics. She was hit just two days before she was to perform in this costume. Amanda danced for 8 years with this group of kids.

Top Row, left to right Paul, April,Spencer, Middle Row, Amanda, Stephen, Andrea Bottom Row, Katie and Lisa

Dance became the highlight of Amanda's expressions. As time went on, she began to show interest in modeling. She wanted to combine her dancing along with a modeling career. She modeled locally for J.C. Penny's, and in high school for Mrs. Sprague. During her freshman and sophomore year in high school she wanted to try out for cheerleading. She was so awesome. She was voted to be the captain of the squad.



Amanda had another love in her life also. It was the Lord. Amanda had a burning in her soul to lead people to Jesus. She was not afraid to speak of her love for the Lord and wanted everyone to know him in the same way she did. Amanda was a vessel and allowed God to work in and through her life. I could not even begin to tell you how many souls Amanda led to the Lord. Only He knows! Amanda touched people's hearts in a way that I could only dream of doing.

Who ever she met or talked to, would walk away knowing they had met someone so very special. You felt warmth whenever you were in her presence. Amanda's love was unconditional love, for not only her family, but for everyone she knew.


Amanda was placed in our midst for only a short time. Her accomplishments, her love, her softness, her beautiful spirit, her friendship to everyone, are so missed. Amanda never thought of herself as being too good or untouchable. She would reach out to those people that others might stick their nose up too. She would go out of her way to stand with them in times of trouble, not concerned if the cool crowd might reject her. She was an example, which we can all learn something from. Amanda loved everyone and was loved by everyone. It is no wonder that God wanted her back in his garden. I am so grateful that He allowed us to have her as long as we did. Will our tears ever stop flowing? I doubt it.


There isn't a day that passes that she is not thought about or missed. Most every day we shed the tears of sorrow. But we do have those days, where we can look into the heavens and realize that our lives are a bit different, just because we were touched by Amanda and her love. If only I could reach out and touch as many people in my lifetime, as Amanda did in here mere sixteen years, I would know that I accomplished what God put me here to do. I love you my Darling Daughter.



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