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Memorial created 11-18-2007 by
Xzavier Jay, Patrick Moore
July 1 2003 - October 4 2003

aunty jacqui and xzavier

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Xzavier Moore, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Xzavier's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Xzavier forever. My angel was sent to me on july first 2003, He was a small 4 lbs and 15 ounces. He was so strong, lungs fully developed, heart, everything was perfect about my little angel. It took the whole pregnancy to finally pick a name for my son, Xzavier Jay Patrick Moore, named after his great granpa and granpa.


mommy and xzavier

My beautiful boy was with me and his daddy for three months and four days and three hours. Xzavier, pasted away from sudden ifant death syndrone. I put my boy to sleep the night of the third, and he never woke up. I found my son stiff, and purple, bloated, and bruised. I will never forget how he looked it is engraved in my heart, mind, body and soul forever. I know how gratefull i should be that i was lucky enough to have three months with him, but i cant help but feel like i got robbed you know.


My son was the GREATEST thing to happen to me for a long time. Xzavier tought me to be strong!!! That old saying what dosent kill you makes you stronger its true!!!!


I found this on a grieving mothers page about her daughter, but it the closest to how I feel, if you switch out the girl for a boy, This is how I FEEL. Donít Think I Do Not Grieve Friday, 02 June 2006 Donít think I do not feel; because you see no tears. A river rages deep inside of grief, and loss, and fears. Just because I do not cry now, donít think my heartís not broken. I keep inside the misery of words not to be spoken. Sometimes I smile, or crack a joke, so you wonít see the pain; or notice how my hands will shake, or how Iíve gone insane. Each time I chance to think of her, my heart is ripped asunder. The loss I feel is mine alone. you will not see my thunder. About the author: Brenda Penepent, LPN, Executive Director of Healing Heart For Bereaved Parents, Russellville, Arkansas Chapter.



This is the first session of my memorial tattoo for Xzavier. People think that because it has been awhile i should be over it, but who is allowed to say, when you should be over your grief???????? NO ONE CAN TELL YOU WHEN YOULL BE HEALED, BUT THIS TATTOO IS GONNA HELP ME IN MY JOURNEY, THIS TATTOO REPRESENTS MY SON, MY GRAMMA NINNI, MY GRAMMA PAT, MY GRAMPA JAY, AND THE PART OF ME THAT DIED WHEN MY SON DID.


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