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Memorial created 11-28-2007 by
katie moreno
Eric C Feifer
December 12 1976 - January 6 2006

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Eric Feifer, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Eric's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Eric forever.






Eric was the shining light for everyone in his life. He was the rock that built the foundation for which we all stood. He made it look easy, and sometimes we took it for granted. I see him now in these pictures and it's almost as if I can hear him laughing and it makes me smile. Inevitably reality sets in and man, that pain is powerful. He was always the life of the party yet somehow still the responsible "big brother", he loved to laugh and make people laugh around him. I wish I could convey in words what his laugh sounded like to those who never got a chance to hear it. It's a sound I'll never forget. It wasn't often to see him without a smile, and what a smile it was. I can remember, when we first met, thinking this guy is just too good to be true, people like this just don't exist. Four years and he never let me down.

I can't imagine life having not known him. Regardless of the pain I feel now, knowing him has changed me in immeasurable ways. Someday when the pain ebbs to a tolerable throb, I'll be able to fully appreciate it.

We met rather serendipitously at a point in our lives where we needed to find one another. It wasn't just love at first sight, it was an awakening on a level I've never felt before or since. I looked at him and before he even spoke, I new, I was home for the first time. For four years we never spent a day apart. It wasnt just that he was a "good guy" I've known a lot of good guys in my life, Eric was just different. There was something about him, even to this day, its hard for me to put into words. Almost otherworldly, but at the same time not untouchable. I like to think he had been an angel sent here to fix our all of our miserable lives. The only problem was, in his eternal quest for bringing happiness to everyone else, he forgot about his own. looking back, It's hard to believe I didnt see it coming. It wasn't like the signs were obvious like bright green flashing neon beacons, but rather subtle and buried deep down, embedded in everything he did. At the same time, as much as I notice them now, not all the pieces of the puzzle could be put together to see the whole picture and it would have been easy to miss the message. Sometimes it's hard for me to imagine that an angel could use the same hand that once held everything together, tear it all apart. I'll probably never know. However, what I do know, with most certainty is that one day, when he's ready, he'll come back for me and I have more hope in just that little thought then in all the breathes in my lungs or beats in my heart to fill ten life times. I want to remember him as he was. A perfect image of the perfect person. It's easy to forget he lived a whole lifetime before and just focus on his last horrible day. One day we will know that his last choice wasn't a definition of himself, but merely the end of a long battle. I can not blame the need for reprieve, and I hope where ever he is now, he has found what we were unable to give him. I want us to be laughing at his jokes, celebrating his accomplishments and sharing stories, there's many that he starred in in my life and I know there's so many more out there.


I thought the best way Eric could be remembered here was if everyone who knew him submitted their own stories. As a way of making this a place for everyone to honor him by sharing something special you did or a funny story you have, I would like to post them so everyone can read about him Please visit www.tearsofacop.com for more information on suicide prevention for police officers also www.survivorsofsuicide.com for more Eric memorials.



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