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Memorial created 11-30-2007 by
Her Loving Family
Patricia Ann Martins
August 3 1963 - November 26 2007

This online memorial was created by her family in loving memory of Patricia Ann Martins. Please sign Patricia Ann's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Patti forever. Patricia Ann Martins (nee Berrigan), passed away at her home surrounded by family and friends on November 26, 2007, after a courageous battle with colon cancer. She will forever be known as a woman of unimaginable strength and courage.

In addition to her husband and three children, Patti leaves behind a lasting legacy of friendships and devotion to her community. In Patti’s memory, and in lieu of flowers or donations, the family requests that all family, friends, and anyone reading this memorial, pledge to undergo early colon cancer screening with the hope that you may never suffer what Patti had to so courageously endure. Thoughts of remembrance and pledges to undergo cancer screening can be left on-line in our Guestbook. We're certain Patti's warm smile and beautiful blue eyes are smiling down on you from heaven. God bless.



- Nearly 60,000 people will die of colon cancer this year
- 75% occur in people with no known medical risk factors
- One in 18 people will develop the disease in their lifetime
- The most common symptom is no symptom at all

I’m not 50 yet so why should I be concerned?

Patti Martins was diagnosed with colorectal cancer when she was only 43. She led an exemplary life with no hereditary factors or symptoms at all. Most information you will read urges everyone to be screened at 50 years of age. Perhaps, even a few years earlier if you have a history of colon cancer in your family. The fact of the matter is, this year approximately 13,000 YOUNG men and women will be diagnosed with colon cancer. That represents almost 10% of all new cases in the United States alone.

Please don't let this be you! Pledge to get early cancer screening! As Patti would say,

"Just do it"

With proper screening and surveillance and a little education, at least 90% of colon and rectal cancer cases can be prevented. Insurance will often cover early screening if you disclose a family history, and/or report blood in your stool.


Pledge Count

Since her passing, the following number of people have pledged to undergo early colorectal cancer screening:

225 !!


Please sign our Guestbook with your pledge and join the list! If we can prevent just one person from getting this terrible disease, we'll know Patti's suffering was not in vain.




A Note Of Thanks... 

We would like to thank all of you… our forever dear family, friends and neighbors … from the bottom of our hearts for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes you sent Patti over the last year. Your cards, emails, gifts, phone calls and countless dinners all brought a smile to Patti’s face and gave her the strength to keep fighting.

As you can imagine, it’s been an incredibly difficult time. But we want you to know that our faith has not been shaken nor has our belief in our fellow man. The kindness, generosity and sincerity of all your offers to help us through this time will never be forgotten…. We also want you to know that we’ll be OK….. because we’re sure that Patti will be watching over us… Finally, we would like to thank Father Owen for being there for our family. We will never forget his grace and the lasting memory he created when Patti was near the end of her life here on earth. We’re certain Patti’s warm smile and beautiful blue eyes are shining on everyone. Love all you hold dear as precious is the time you share.

May God keep and bless you all!

The Martins Family


Resources & Ways to Help

Fight Colorectal Cancer.Org 

National Cancer Institute – Colorectal Cancer

Carol G. Simon Cancer Center
Morristown, New Jersey


Central Park, NYC, Colon Cancer Awareness Walk

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month !

In Patti's memory, over $7,000 in contributions were raised to help promote awareness at the 5th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge held in Central Park, NYC on March 9th.

Special thanks to High Point Auto Insurance for sponsoring this event and to all those who walked and donated!


Patti's legacy continues.... On May 4, 2007,  East Hanover Girl Scout Troop 880 planted a beautiful tree in Patti's memory for her years of service as a Girl Scout Leader and committment to her community.  The tree can be found at Lurker Park in East Hanover, NJ and it will no doubt be enjoyed by generations to come.


Swimming, Running, Biking to Benefit C3

On Saturday, September 13, 2008, Patti's Brother-in-Law Todd competed in a triathlon and raised $5,460 for C3! 

"Hopefully one day soon, there will be a cure for this terrible disease and an effort such as this from all of you certainly brings that hope closer to a reality."

God bless you all.

Todd & Christine


2009 Colon Cancer Challenge, NYC

Another Amazing Walk !

Once again, Patti's family and friends came together to honor her memory and raise close to $3,000 to help promote awareness at the Annual Colon Cancer Challenge held in Central Park, NYC.

Special thanks to all those who walked and donated!


Colon Cancer Walk, Central Park 2010

2010 Colon Cancer Challenge

Thanks to Patti's family and many friends, our team once again raised $2,899 toward finding a cure during the 2010 Colon Cancer Challenge held in Central Park, NYC.

Special thanks once again to all those who walked and donated to our cause!


2011 Colon Cancer Challenge

Patti's family and friends once again came out to show their support. Team "Patti's Cause" raised $1,763 toward finding a cure during the 2011 Colon Cancer Challenge held in Central Park, NYC.

Thanks once again to all those who walked and donated to our cause!


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