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Memorial created 12-3-2007 by
Laura Schultheis
Randi L. Stritzinger
July 1 1994 - November 29 2007

Beloved daughter of Danny and Diana (Pilardi) Stritzinger; loving sister of Nikki L. Stritzinger; dear granddaughter of Richard O. and Kathleen M. Pilardi, John and Sandy Henry and Dan Stritzinger; dear great granddaughter of Roberta Brown; also survived by many loving aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Please sign Randi's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Randi forever. Take some time to look thru Randi's site, and see her journey through life! If you would like to contribute any photos or stories to Randi's memorial, please email them to candlechik@zoominternet.net Thank you for visiting and keeping Randi's memory alive.


Randi's Story

Randi was born at 12:31 pm on July 1, 1994. She was born at West Penn Hospital. Randi got her name from the wrestler, Randy Savage. Danny had been a big wrestling fan and got the pleasure of meeting Randy in person. Dan was so thrilled by how nice he was, that he had said he wanted to name his daughter after him. I had wanted to name Randi, Danni Marie, after her dad. But at that time, Nikki didn't want to name her sister after her dad. Which was alright. I loved Randi's name, and would never want it to be anything else. When Randi was little we lived in the North Hills, right across the street from my mom and dad. I really did not work then, my sister and I had a small business. My father and mother would watch Randi for 3 hours in the mornings. I got the pleasure of being home all the time. Randi was such a good baby, I told her all the time that she was a god sent. She loved to dance, so we put her in dance class. She went to Glenn Avenue Elementary. Her best friend was Ashley T. The two girls were inseperable. Randi also went on her first daye in 1999. She was in Kindergarten, and everyday I volunteered to help her teacher so I could be next to her all the time. She had met this little boy in Kindergarten, and I just thought he was so cute. He reminded me of Randi. I would tell Randi, all the time that not only is she beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. And it turned out that this little boy's father grew up with me. About a week later Jacob's father called me, and said Jacob wants to take Randi to the movies. My husband was so upset. He said absolutely no. I convinced him to let her go. They had such a great time. After that the two were inseperable. We took jacob everywhere with us, and they took Randi everywhere with them. March 2000, we moved to Middlesex. At first Randi really missed North Hills, but within a few weeks she had all new friends. Randi tried soccer, but it wasn't for her. She found her true love playing softball. She played for 4 years, and then we took last year off. I couldn't get her to softball with my new job I had. Randi would come up to work with me all the time. I didn't mind working because I could have both my girls at work with me. Randi was all excited to turn 14. She wanted to work for me, like her sister always did. I wanted her to work for me also. I could not wait. Last summer Randi enjoyed having all her firends over swimming. She loved to swim, but only with someone. She had so many friends, it seemed like we didn't have enough days to have them all over. Kevin and Randi were always together. I think because they live in the same neighborhood. She liked having Kevin over, they had so much fun. If they weren't at my house, they were at Kevin's house. She also loved Becca. I used to kid her and tell her that she always got in trouble when she was with Becca. But I think that Becca brought out the real Randi, which I am so grateful for. Akron and Randi spent alot of time together. Akron is so quiet, I would tell Randi you wouldn't een know they were here. Mia and Gabby are also good friends. I know Randi always felt bad. Everytime she wanted to have the girls over something came up. And she didn't get to have you girls over as much as she would like to. The greatest thing in the world to Randi was that her sister Nikki was driving. She loved her sister more than anything. I remember her always sticking up for Nikki, when Nikki was in trouble. This past summer was wonderful. Nikki and Randi became best friends. Yes, sure they argued, but there is nothing either one would have not done for the other. Nikki was constantly watching out for Randi, and Randi was constantly sticking up for Nikki. Wat a great team. The last couple months the girls were constantly together. Nikki would drive Randi to school and back. Sometimes she would drive her to guitar lessons. That was Randi's second love...playing the guitar. On November 29th 2007, Randi and Nikki were in a car accident. Randi did not make it. That was, the worst day of our lives, knowing that Randi will not be here with us. As you can see from Randi's memorial she was very loved and loved many people herself.


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