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Memorial created 01-3-2008 by
Melanie Davis
Brynn Marie Davis
July 2 2001 - February 6 2002

Brynn always smiled!

Brynn was an angel on earth. I kept a journal for her from the time I found out I was having a girl until she passed. As I re-read the journal, it was so clear that she was special. She never cried! And she never slept :) It's as if she knew she didn't have long with us. The night before Brynn passed away from SIDS, at seven months old, she kissed me! I know I'm not making it up because the person with me commented on it. I wish I had known she would leave me that night. I would have held her longer. She didn't want to go to bed.

I know that God lives and loves us. I have a pure knowledge of this because of Brynn. I had heaven so close, I could feel it tangibly and her funeral was a wonderful experience. I have written a special storybook about my daughter which combines the journal I kept while she was alive, and the lessons I learned from the experience. Through this book my children (I had two after her) will know their sister, and learn what I know about God and Heaven. It is a powerful way to preserve her memory!!! 

I have also written The Triumph Book which shares this story and nineteen other stories from people who have endured severe tragedies and who have found joy and purpose because of them.  I wrote it to prove that it is possible to overcome grief and that our losses can also be our gain.  If you are interested in reading Brynn's story for free (the first three stories can be read freely there) visit www.TheTriumphBook.com.

Thanks so much for sharing in Brynn's life and memory with me!!!!


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