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We love you Dad ! T & Ruby

Memorial created 01-11-2008 by
Ruby Schlereth
Donald Robert Schlereth
September 18 1948 - July 17 2005


This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Donald Schlereth who was born in Maryland on September 18, 1948 and passed away on July 17, 2005 at the age of 56. We will remember him forever. He was a hard workin man, A Father of 4, Carole Ann Lancaster, Donald Robert Schlereth Jr. , Mark Anthony Schlereth, Ruby Marie Schlereth, And a Godfather / father to Samantha Robinson/Holtzapple, And a grandfather of 7 Raymond, Stephanie, Chad, Jordan, Tiffany, Melvin Jr., Skyler, He loved spending time with his grandkids. He was very loving would do anything for you all you had to do was ask,He was very funny as some say he was a joker if you played a joke on him he would get you two times he always had a trick up his sleve. His hobby was collecting eagles he would go every weekend and get like 4 or 5 new eagles at a time, He also liked fishing even though he did not catch anything! Please sign Donald's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Donald forever.


The day that you died Was the worst day of my life I've never before Felt so much strife I was so confused I didn't know what to do Because from that point on I had to live without you I loved you so much Even though sometimes we would fight I loved you so much That it all hit me that day It happened that day My worst nightmare came true For that day Was the last night with you I try not to cry I try to be strong But each day is so hard Since you've been gone I think of the memories And the things from the past Because those are now the only things That are left to last Every time I go out When I have things to do I always find something That reminds me of you Whether I go out to eat Or have things to do Or listen to the radio I'm reminded of you There are so many things That I have yet to do Things that I wanted To share with you Like getting married And you giving me away Or having my children And you watching them grow each day I miss you so much I don't know what to do I wish you could come back If only for a few There were so many things I feel were left unsaid Now I love you daddy Just lingers in my head I don't know if you know Just how much I loved you But I loved you more than anything And I just wish you knew it was true Its hard for me daddy Without you here Now I find myself daily Surrounded by tears I go to the cabinet Where they laid you to rest And I just cant believe That there is where you nest It all happened so quickly It seemed like a dream It doesn't feel right It just feels like a scheme I know that its real And I'll never forget you But I just don't know Without you what to do We all loved you Mom,Donny,Carole,Mark,T & I, and all ur grandkids But we all know This isn't good-bye You'll truly be missed By everyone, dad Whether it be by your family Or the friends that you had But I think out of everyone I'll miss you the most Because of the fact That we were so close For you are my father And I miss you so But I guess it was time For me to let you go No I wont forget Not even for a day But I must wake up And realize things will be okay I know you're still watching I know you still care Even though you are not Physically here I'll see you again someday But until I do I just want you to know one last things Daddy, I love and miss you


See Dad I always told u if anything ever happien to ya I was puttin u there Hope u like the way it's setup!!


Ever since I was young, I was your baby girl. From fishing in the creek, To planning my dreams. I've cherished every moment. Everything you have said and done, I hold dear to my heart. You've made some bad choices, But I still love you so much. Now fate took the upper hand. We didn't know that it was ur time, Until angels close your eyes. It hurts so much, I don't know what I will do without you. Just always remember, I'll love you forever, I'll always be Daddy's Little Girl.


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