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Memorial created 01-25-2008 by
my mom Karen Linton
Robert Bruce Linton III
October 3 1993 - October 4 2004

Our bud ~lived a lifetime in just 11 years old~

This online memorial was created in loving memory of

our son

Robert Bruce Linton III

whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Robert was an old soul at heart and was always called "the peacemaker". He was our icing to a wonderful family. He never liked conflict and didn't like to be around angry people. Usually he could steer you in a different direction, and when that didn't work he'd do what his dad always taught him...just get on your bike and come home, and that he did. His presence is so deeply missed every single day.    


Also, remember to sign Roberts' guestbook, let us know you came to visit, add a memory if you choose.   Keep him always in your prayers, and always remember life is the greatest gift we will ever receive.


long day riding the surf

Everytime we'd go to the beach you couldn't keep 

Robert out of the water

He'd could body surf like nobody

what a natural in the water

he enjoyed himself all the time

no matter how cold the water

he drove right in!



We Were So Completely "Happy", once upon a time!

An unspoken genuine love for one another,

with the loss of Robert it's so much deeper now

The most important thing to us is

each other and 

Always Always Robert's Memory











What a handsome smile

Roberts' wonderful smile and those eyes just melted everyone who knew him.   For Robert birthdays he was never one for parties.. just out to dinner with the family.  On his 11th birthday he just wanted to take turns with his buddies riding on his new scooter, and play football with all the neighborhood friends....stuff like that.  Robert never got the chance to cut his birthday cake or open any of his birthday presents.  His time with us was cut too short, on October 3rd 2004, on his 11th birthday, he was hit by an irresponsible driver @ 4:10 pm in our neighborhood and due to his injuries died on October 4th 2004@ 12:51 am.    I do know that when Robert took his last spin that was his "Goodbye"  as he smiled at his dad and I saying, "love you dad, & blew me a kiss and said thanks mom"


Roberts' 10th birthday cake

Birthdays for Robert were always very low key.  Never a fuss, just dinner with the family at where ever he wanted with lots of cake & plenty of icccing.  Always plenty of pictures taken at the restaurant cutting cake & opening gifts.  Our plans were changed and our Robert didn't have his day instead we had to make decisions that no parent should have to make "ever".   

Since, Roberts' death we have created a few websites in his honor.

Our family would like to invite you to visit another website we've created to honor our beloved Robert. Please feel free to visit anytime at:


We honor our Robert so that many cherished memories are never forgotten and always remembered


Riding Uncle Fred's three-wheeler

When we lost Robert our world was so changed from what we knew. Many don't realize the changes a family undergoes from a childs death. With us a future lost, Roberts' first love will never be, a High School or College graduation and there won't be happiness of his wedding.  Our name sake.... legacy, will not be carried on through wonderful grandchildren he might have had.  So, when an invitation isn't filled or a phone unanswered please don't be angry try to understand that we are trying to face our reality of what our future is now without our son Robert.  


Roberts' favorite pass time with his Flowers


Robert was always taught and knew to respect any piece of motorized equipment know matter the size.  Unless you teach your children the dangers they won't know how dangerous it is, that was our job and we made sure he knew all that went with riding anything with a motor.  When you saw Robert riding he was smiling from cheek to cheek, always making sure nobody was in his path to get hurt,  he was a natural on anything whether it had a motor or not.   It was only fitting to have it at the funeral parlor, so Uncle Fred had it all detailed just for Roberts day,    

Our deepest thank you! 



Roberts' ashes were placed in "Starfish Urns" for his family

 I Believe in many signs since my sons death, this was one of them for me.  When I came across this card I new it was meant for me not to give up hope, & better days are ahead.  The sun will shine brightly upon us again, til we meet again my precious son.


Robert enjoying his boat ride

 One look at those blue eyes and that great smile mixed with his wonderful personality you were hooked

Robert was so proud to be Irish, his favorite color was blue but, you wouldn't have known that since he wore so much green.  Every year the week before St. Patrick's Day that's all he'd wear is greeeen and white.  When Irish eyes are smiling........!   I love you so!


My Beautiful Sisters

 Since Robert loved the ocean so much, we went to the beach celebrating him on his birthday & anniversary with lotsss of balloons.  We let them loose for him and put some of his shells back in the ocean for another sweet boy to collect as Robert loved to do.  It's a much different world for us, especially when it comes to very special occasions.


bud taking it easy after a swim

 The ocean and swimming was one of Roberts' favorite pass times.  If there was water you found Robert in it.  Bobby always taught the kids to always respect the water, it can be wonderful but also, it can be your enemy if your not careful.  Robert enjoyed the water the most especially the ocean with his dad.  How it's so bittersweet now, the memories are wonderful but also very painful.  A son so endlessly missed!


Love for our family isn't just words, it's our actions for each other that make us very unique. When there is real love in a family harsh words aren't spoken to hurt one another.  Our Robert always knew the difference and went out of his way not to be around unhappy people.  

When it doesn't take any effort to be kind you know that you have a wonderful angel created from much love.  Kindness is peaceful and Robert was the peacemaker. 


Decal printed on my dad's truck

Robert was a natural on anything whether it was motorized or not!  Everyday he would ride on his quad, in the morning before school, it was always "just one spin mom k" and the answer was always "ok but hurry up you have school"  I hardly ever said no to Robert, he was such an easy going soul, my bud Always!


my son, a gentle old soul

If you live everyday as Robert did,

a happy-go-lucky boy,

you'll always have something to smile about

"Life, it's as wonderful as you make it"


Our Bath King

"Our Handsome young Angel"


Each year on Roberts' birthday

is a special celebration

It's always something we know he would have loved to do as a family, and we know he is with us!

Whether it's a song that comes on or a bird flying by, or just something silly

We know he's there with us


Our Greatest Gifts Forever Loved
Still believed!

Celebrating our Robert 10*3*2010

 The loss of a child you never recover from

It is the worst thing that can ever happen to you

our life has changed in so many ways.

When tragedy hits true family loyalty & friendships are tested

For one reason or another, friends and family have chosen a different path away from us.

So, we go near people that accept us for who we are, that's what our Robert would have wanted!

Robert, would never want us to waist a minute with each other

tomorrow isn't guaranteed to anyone.

Don't try to figure out a grieving family

It's Impossible unless you are one


"Just Love Us"

No one will ever no the loss we live with every minute of every single day!



My Bud's last Christmas picture 2003

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

~~Our family~~
Charity Mudrun for RB & buddy 2013
Our Robert visits everyday!!
Robert loved St. Patrick's Day Parade
Always always for RB
together through it all, the love we have for each other is so loving, never hurtful! our girls 2014
Our Robert is always with us!
Strong & Tough that's Us!!
the pain of loosing Robert is learning how to start over without him
our budderdawgs
for my buddy

Roberts' Legacy Stone, Cowboy Stadium

Robert never got to go with his dad to Cowboys Stadium, so we had this placed in the legacy walk. Sissy found it when she went for a game.

two of the best gifts God ever gave Mud, they would do anything to take his pain away
for my brother 1st Anniversary~ melissa's ankle
for my brother 10th Anniversary~ christine's leg
We've always known that RB is with us

Many people try to figure out what makes a grieving family keep going. The love of our family and true understanding that when we need space it's given. As our family grows, it becomes a knew happiness, but make no mistake our Robert can never be replaced, no one can! "Always with love"


Jayce Robert Kuntz

The newest addition to our family, "Jayce Robert Kuntz" Our family knows when one door closes a window is open, always always

Our most precious gift is Family

Robert Bruce Linton 111

Our bud, 9 months old, so happy and truly missed!


Jayce Robert Kuntz

Grammies and Papa Mud's boy, such a joy & such a happy boy, like his "Uncle Robert" was.

a love through it all !
Our bud, so dearly missed!

Many people have troubles and believe me they are real and painful, but trust me when you lose a child, it's not even comparable to the awful anguish we live with FOREVER! So, please don't try to figure us out, there's no rule book. All we can do is love who wants to be a part of our journey.

Roberts 10th Angelversary
October 3, 2014 in Disney Celebrating our Robert
A love so strong! 4th of July 2015
September 26, 2015
Robert & Maggie, dogs were his favorite!
Breast Walk Oct 2015

We Walk as a family should, "TOGETHER" in Good Times & Bad! That's when you know you can get through anything life throws at you. "TOGETHER" ALWAYS ALWAYS


Together Always Always

Our love has seen us through many tough times but together we can honestly conquer anything. Our family is everything to us and our greatest blessing.

Such Happiness to our family
We take one day at a time, Always Always!

For Jayce 1st Birthday Key West

The memories made here in Key West together as a family are priceless for Jayce Robert 1st birthday! The love we have for one another is the best present a parent and grandparent can receive. Our Robert Bruce is always close by...always always!

Key West Our Grandson "1st" Birthday
Jayce Robert Kuntz "1st Birthday"
Our Angel is here everyday:)

Jayce can't wait

Jayce is so excited, can't wait for his cousin to be born. He's the big boy cousin going to protect her, always always!! Robert is always with us, smiling always!!

Thank Heaven For Girls!!

These Two Beautiful Young Ladies are the reason their Dad and I want to wake up everyday!! They truly are the moon and the stars and everything in between, and their brother would be so proud of the way they handle everyday without him. Always Always keep smiling (:


Celebrating 5k for Robert in Lincroft

Everyone's donation is so appreciated in so many ways, but when you physically join all our families in this walk and see the sea of families just coming together and celebrating their families loved ones lost or still trying to have hope that tomorrow will come for them is extraordinary. Many take for granted that tomorrow will come or there's always next year, but ask anyone of our families that walked, it's not promised to any of us. A huge Thank you for everyone that walked with us, they gave us something so special that we'll never forget, "their time" for our Robert.


my best friend

Mud and I have a saying "you jump, I jump ", together we have gotten through so many different challenges over our years of marriage. On May 7, 2017 we will be married 34 years, and together we will be spending it to honor our son, Robert with his sisters with their families and so many others in the 5K walk for organ donation. You see it's not just about our loss, it's the importance of our family and being together through it all, good, bad, and ugly. Our family is our greatest gift, and together we go forward to the next challenge, with love and dignity.


Sophia Grace Duncan

Our precious granddaughter has arrived, "Sophia Grace", our grandchildren remind us how truly blessed we are.


Jayce n Sophia

our big boy Jayce giving his cousin Sophia his Irish fist pump <3


May 7, 2017, **Team RB**

"I Don't think of Robert Everyday; I Think of Robert Every Hour of Everyday" Thank you everyone for all your donations, and many thanks to everyone that walked with us today! The worst has happened to our family is the loss of Robert, and with many friends and family they gave their time to be with us today to honor him and so many more. Huge thank you!


My beautiful son

No child should have a playground in heaven, the reason we'll never know, cherish everyday with your family, tomorrow might not always be there.


our handsome jayce robert

Jayce is always smiling like his uncle Robert did, he's a happy joyful sweetheart<3


our precious sophia grace

Sophia is our princess that we all needed, her beautiful smile tells it all <3 Our gorgeous goddaughter, love her to the moon and back<3


Jayce Robert

Our Handsome sweet Jayce.....the best part of my Mondays & Tuesdays xxxooo


Sophia Grace

Our Precious princess Sophia....the best part of my Wednesdays & Thursdays xxxooo


Baby Boy Kuntz coming December 2017

The newest addition to our family, our precious Grandson arriving December 2017. Watch out for the Kuntz Boys!!


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