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Memorial created 11-19-1998 by
Bobbie Jo Alberty
Brant (Teensy) Lee Alberty
May 15 1977 - July 21 1992

"Teensy" was truly was an unusually special human being. Out of 5 children, he was the only one that never gave me a moments grief. I love them ALL equally, but I have to say, Teensy was the one that God gave me to give me a breath of heaven here on earth. He could literally walk in the room or through the door and make everything OK. He just had that ability. He was the ONE and only thing, except for the Lord, that I could depend on to do exactly what he said and say what he meant.

He always thought about everyone else before himself. He was unusually organized and responsible at a very young age. I never once, had to tell him to do his homework. I rarely had to tell him twice to do anything. Most of the time I didn't even have to tell him once. He somehow, knew most of the right things to do before he was told.

Teensy was born 6 wks. early and he was so little that his daddy called him his "Teensy Tinsy". Quite unintentionally, Teensy stuck with him. If I may, I just want to give you a little background on what transpired in his short life.

On his 6th birthday, he got a new bicycle for his birthday. He had a wreck and it put a 7 inch sever in his liver and he had a lot of internal injuries. The doctors were amazed that he made it through the surgery. When he started to recover, he took a turn for the worse. After tons of tests they said they had no alternative but to do surgery. Thirty min. before surgery Teensy said he saw Jesus walk by his window on a cloud. When the doctors came in to give him the last check before prepping him for surgery, to their amazement, he was healed. Two days later he was released. He was just like new!!!!!!!!!

We live in the country on 10 acres. We had a neighbor up the road that always had a well manicured lawn. One summer, when he was about 13, their lawn was not as it was usually kept. He was very concerned why it was not mowed. He knew something was wrong, but he didn't want to embarrass them by asking, so he asked me if he could take our mower up and mow their lawn. My first thought was, we only had a push mower and we were lucky to have a mower at all. If it were to break down, we wouldn't have a mower at all. Then I reconsidered, thinking of what I would be teaching my son. I told him it was OK. He came home and methodically prepared for his self appointed project to mow their lawn. It was over 100 degrees and it was late in the afternoon. He came home about 2 hr. later and said he would have to go back in the morning, would I please wake him at 6 A.M.. Their mower was broke and they couldn't afford to fix it. I woke him at 6. He arose, showered, prepared a thermos of ice water, ate breakfast, prepared the gas can and was out the door at 7. It was blistering hot, but he mowed until noon. He then came home, ate lunch, cooled off for a bit and off he went again. He repeated this process for 4 days. After attempting to mow for 4 days, he only was able to mow approx. 30 sq. ft. of a 2 acre plot. I found out from his daddy that the grass was so high and thick that the mower would die EVERY time he pushed it forward and he would have to fight to get it started again. It took 4 to 10 pulls to start it. He was determined to finish their lawn for them though. His daddy felt so sorry for him that after the 4th day of this, Bill, his daddy, commissioned a neighbor, who owned a riding mower, to help him and the 3 of them finished the lawn. The lady tried to pay Teensy $20, but he refused to take it because he knew they were having financial troubles. I was sooooo Proud of him!!!!!!!!!! He said the Lord would pay him!!!!!!!

There are so many stories, such as this one, but I won't go on anymore. I just wanted you to get to know him, just a little, so that you could know a little about our special Teensy.


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