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Dawn Laveroni

Memorial created 02-7-2008 by
Dawn Kreuzburg/Laveroni
Wayne Robert Kreuzburg
August 31 1960 - July 24 1993

A Dedication to the Beautiful Life of my Husband Wayne
Although our time together tragically ended,  You live inside me, still today.  The love that you and I shared echoes in my soul over and over as I know that I was blessed to share even one moment loving you.  If just for one moment I could see your smile,  touch your hand or talk a while.   If just for one moment I was able to say,  Please come back to me and promise you'll stay.  Saying Goodbye is so unfair when you are blessed with the love that you and I shared. 
If just for one moment I could change that day,  I would do anything to have you here with me.   Please believe my precious love that you are living inside my heart, My soul collapsed the day you died and our life was torn apart.   I will never forget you!  I will never let you go! 
Because of you I am me.

A Hero In My Heart & My Dreams

The most handsome Fire Fighter there ever was...... 
Look at the face on this man,
  Look at his eyes,  the passion radiates from within.  
He is amazing,  a light of love  a vision of beauty
and a spirit of compassion.  
Lucky me, He was in love with ME......
He shared his heart with ME..... 
He married ME......  
How Blessed I was to know him.. 
Thank You God for sharing him with me. 
I will love him always....

How do you say Goodbye to someone so Beautiful

It is Impossible

On October 21, 1989

I Married the Man of My Dreams

The Love of My Life

The Completion of my Heart

The Lover of My Soul

On July 24, 1993  I Lost Him Forever


A Circle Has No End !

For all the days you made me smile
For the laughter we have shared
For the love you gave unconditionally
For how you always cared
For the honor of being married to you
For the love you and I have known
Although you now reside in Heaven
My Heart will never be alone!
Until we are together again
I will carry you in my heart always!

The Greatest Honor was the Day

Wayne was given this badge

He was so proud of his uniform and

to be a part of the wonderful family

of Brothers in the Elmont Fire Department


This was Wayne's first time wearing his Dress Blues,  He was honored to be a part of the Elmont Fire Department and considered his fellow members a part of his family.   He found life long friendships that are still a part of my life today.    Wayne  was burried in his Dress Blues after a Full Fire Department Funeral Service.   I am honored that Wayne received such a dedication to his life, in my eyes he deserved that more than anything.



   HEAVY RESCUE 1     




You are Forever my Hero, Forever my  Love

I will find you again in Heaven above

Just wait for me please, I am not ready leave

My life is so different though I continue to grieve

God gave me a gift years after you died

A child to love with all I am deep inside

My heart is complete, my spirit is free

My soul feels your presence inside of me 

I wish you could see him,  my sweet little boy

He is the love of my life, my pride and my joy

He gives me many reasons, to believe in unconditional love

He fills my heart with laughter, can you hear it up above

Your memories will remain as I live life with my son

And on that day my life must end, will you still be the one

To meet me at the gates of heaven and continue loving me

With only you Wayne, in my heart I am truly meant to be


Even in Death Our Hearts are Meant to be one!!!!!!




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