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Memorial created 02-10-2008 by
Kimberly DeSimone
Sylvia Cuoco
December 29 1932 - May 20 2007

"MOM" You are so missed & loved!

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Sylvia Cuoco, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Sylvia 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Sylvia forever.




My Mom passed away from stage4 colon cancer, and she did'nt even know she had it. My Mom had alot of health issues, she was a  diabetic, asthmatic, & had extreme arthritis. So when she could'nt breathe just walking to her car, she had gone to the pulmonoligist and he sent her to the hosp. to get some tests. They did a ct scan & another test that saw spots on her lungs & in other area's. Dr.'s  were then concerned that it was cancer and was coming from somewhere, possibly the colon. So they did a colonoscopy & found that it was coming from the colon, and it spread to the liver & lungs and was affecting her breathing. They wanted to start chemo. treatments but my moms suger count was very high or low as well as her breathing problems. So they waited, and we watched her slowly go down hill from there. She was in the hospital for only a month, and the cancer took over her lungs. She just could'nt breathe on her own any more, and she did'nt want any part of that respitory machine. It's a horrible  thing to see anyone, especially someone that you love having a hard time breathing and gasping for air. We were with her everyday, we all took turns so that she always had someone that she loved their with her.
"Mom, you kept the family together, and was always their when we needed you. You were a loving Grandmother to each and everyone of your grandchildren. You always made me feel strong inside when I was feeling down. You were very much liked, and had many friends, and few enemies. You always told it like it was and everyone excepted that from you because they looked up to you. You will always and forever be in all of our hearts & souls!"

Your the best!!!!!

My Mom: She was: thoughtful, loving, free spirted, determined, a good friend, a loving Grandmother and  the Greatest Mother that we had!!!!!!!

A relationship with a mother & child is like no other relationship. You can be the worse enemies but on the other hand you can be the best of friends. To have that special relationship with your mother is a "blessing". You feel like nothing can take that bond away even after your mom's passing there is always that special bond that you have with each other that goes beyond, even when your mom is gone..............................


Your 2 youngest grandchildren: Joey & Kayla at the beach 2005

She was a Mom, Sister, Grandma, Aunt & Cousin. She always had the answers that I needed to hear & sometimes answers that i did'nt want to hear. She was my best friend. My words cannot express how much sorrow that I feel inside since she's been gone. It's like my family & I are in a dream that never ends! We feel like she going to walk through the door any minute and say in her big voice:  "HI" anybody home, it's me grandma or mommy".  I LOVE YOU MOM, there is nothing like a mother's bond with her child, for as long as I live on this earth you are and always will be my "Mom". I'll be looking for you in the spring when the butterflies come out, because they always come around me for some reason, and they remind me of you!


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