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Love you my baby brother

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Memorial created 02-12-2008 by
Delilah Aguilar
Anthony Aguilar
March 3 1982 - February 15 1998

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Anthony Aguilar, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Anthony's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Anthony forever.

 Here we are reaching the 11th year of the anniversary of Anthony's death, and yet it seems like just yesterday we were with you. Your family has been through so much since you left us, but with God's strength, we have managed to keep going.

  I miss you, Anthony. It's hard to comprehend that you would be reaching the age of 27 this year. 27, wow...I think about what you would be doing at this time of your life. Would you be a father, professional athlete, college graduate? We missed out on so many dreams that you had yet to accomplish. I miss your prescence in my life, in all of our lives.

  You were the baby and there was nothing we wouldn't do for you....NOTHING. On behalf of the family, we want to say we love and miss you so much, and look forward to the day where you will be with us again.

 My sweet baby brother, you are now with me until the day I perish this earth, dedicating a part of my body to you, carrying your name and the Latin meaning of your wonderful name..."Praiseworthy". You are indeed worthy our love, and that will never fade.

I love you my sweet baby, and know that you are always with us...ALWAYS.

You will always be our football star #51 and we will wear your number with pride.

Anthony, we love and miss you with every inch of our souls....


Nephews Anthony & CJ/Delilah

My baby brother,

There are no words to express my sadness that I can't spoil you and give you everything you want. You were my everything and I loved you with all my heart.  Although, not a day goes by that I don't think of you or someone or something reminds me of you, the weeks and days close to the anniversary of you leaving us, is almost unbearable.

NOBODY will ever replace you in my life, in my heart. As I write this letter to you I shed a flood of tears because I miss you so much and I feel the throbbing pain in my heart to touch you. 

Anthony, I gave you the wish you wanted. My first son carries your name and once again your wish was my command.  I promise to never let your spirit die and as difficult it is for me, I WILL LIVE FOR YOU.

I love you Anthony.

Your sis,



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