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Memorial created 12-1-1998 by
Char McAuliffe
Robert Edward McAuliffe
December 14 1924 - April 1 1998

When you died a light went out here on earth that will leave the world much darker. Your humor, your generosity, your love-especially your capacity for love, the world cannot replace, I miss you so much Bob I miss your twinkly eyes, Your grin, Your total devotion (including getting snack food for me on a snowy night ) You and I knew we had found our other halfs the first time we met. Yes, there is love at first sight, and sometimes it never goes away, it just gets better.

To the world you were a husband, a father, a Judge and an Attorney. To me you were the light of my life, the person giving unconditional love, the man I share everything with...everything but this. Wait for me sweetheart, I will be back in your arms in a blink of your eye, God makes time go faster up there. I love you with all of my heart Bob, I always did and I always will. You are with me in memories every minute of every day and night. I miss you.
Your wife for always, Char


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