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Memorial created 03-7-2008 by
Katrina Cure
Elyse Catherine Cure-Shriner
March 1 2006 - March 13 2007

Results of giving a one-year-old a marker to draw a picture for Daddy!! So cute!!

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Elyse Cure-Shriner, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Elyse's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Elyse forever.

Elyse was born March 1, 2006 to Katrina Cure and Nitov Shriner. Her older sister is Trystan Cure. Maternal Grandmother is Catherine Cure. Maternal Uncles are Brandon Cure and Mitchell Cure. Paternal Grandparents are Bounleua Hemmasak and Karen Sweatman. Paternal Uncle is Tommy Shriner. Paternal Aunt is Tory Clare. Elyse is preceded in death by her maternal Grandfather George Cure, maternal Great-Grandmother Edith Cure, and maternal Great-Grandfather Bruce Davis. 

Elyse completed my family. She lit our lives up with joy every day. Elyse loved her life and smiled and laughed and made everyone laugh around her each and every day.

What I loved most about Elyse was her beautiful dark brown hair that curled in the back, which she got from her Daddy. Elyse had beautiful Hazel eyes, although you can't tell much from her photos.

Elyse loved to eat! She was a little eating machine, her favorites being bananas, cheerios, and eggs.

Although she was one, Elyse only had one lonely tooth! And she couldn't walk yet. We tried to get her to walk, and she would reach out for your hands, and then go to the ground and just laugh and laugh.

Elyse didn't talk much, except for "bah-bah" for bye-bye, mom-mom, da-da, and she was starting the "uh-oh" game.

Elyse loved to be held, we spoiled her rotten, but now, I am so glad that we did! She loved to rock and put her head down on your shoulder while sucking her two middle fingers. She was our little lover.

Elyse lost her precious life due to a mini-blind cord on March 13, 2007, shortly after her first birthday. I hope that more parents become more educated of this danger so that children's lives can be saved.

We think about Elyse every single day and keep her memories alive by doing something for her on each Holiday, including making bracelets recently for her 2nd birthday spent in Heaven with Jesus and her Grandpa Cure.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my little baby and keeping her memories alive also. My heart goes out to all that have lost their children and anyone dear to them.

Anyone who reads this, please, warn others aboout blind cords, they are not safe at all!! There are many ways for a child to die from them. Please help us spread the word and educate about this silent killer in our homes!!!


Eating like usual!!

Mmmm!! Eggs and hot dogs!! I got this tip from a friend. I think this is the first time I tried it out, Elyse seems to be pondering whether she likes it or not. It was a hit!!


Snow Angel

Our little Snow Angel!! Getting ready to go out, and could't resist taking a picture of Elyse all bundled up, but she doesn't seem to mind.


So tired after our Birthday Party!!

My older daughter, Trystan's birthday is on February 14, 2004. So we celebrated their birthdays together. As you can see here, Trystan is ready for bed and not in the mood to share a lap. Elyse just wants to hear the story!

It's different now having to celebrate Trystan's birthday alone even though they only shared one birthday party together.


Sleepy Baby!!

This is how we knew Elyse was tired. Her big sister sucks her thumb. Neither of my children took a pacifier. I guess Elyse couldn't find her thumb right, and this was the perfect solution. She would suck her two fingers while we held her and rocked her and while we took a shower. I think it is so adorable!


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