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Stephanie Nunez
Maya Elizabeth Nunez
March 2 2008 - March 2 2008

This website is for Maya Elizabeth Nunez, whose short life is told throughout this website.Please sign Maya's guest book and let us know you came to visit.We will love Maya forever.
            We found out we were expecting a baby in early August.This came to a total suprise to us, I was on the pill.I went to my Doctor and she told me yep your pregnant I was like what I cant be, well after much blood work done it was true! I was only about four weeks when we found out, my ob did an ultrasound and could not see baby but was not to worried just thought my dates were off so she sent us to get an in depth ultrasound.Well they couldnt really see much cuz I was alot earlier then they all thought still no concerns just wanted a follow up ultarsound in a couple of weeks.After time everything was good with me and baby we were so Happy to be having another but still so shocked.We were hopping for a boy, but at the gender ultrasound it was a girl!! We just laughed and said its great another girl we alredy have eveything for girls.We were so happy to be adding another one to our family.We already have two beautiful daughters Layla 6, and Adriana 2. So there ages would be so close, we were so happy and all was going so well. My whole pregnancy was wonderful no problems at all and she was doing great.We thought of her name Maya quickly but not her middle.My mother Betty(Elizabeth) wanted us to name her after her, but we never told her a definate yes, knowing we would name her Maya Elizabeth just wanted to surpise her.Everything was so good.
          In late Feb we started planning a baby shower and sent all the invites out getting eveything ready.Little did we know our lives would be changed forever.On march 1st I was feeling crampy but didnt think anything of it just thought we would be having her sooner then expected.Well I went to bed thinking it would go away,I woke up on the 2nd feeling the same.After calling doc she sugg. that I go to hospital just in case,when we got there we were so exited thinking we would be bringing her home early, they strapped me up to the monitors and nothing. They didnt want to alarm us so sent doc in to do ultrasound.Nothing-no beating heart! They said they were sorry and they didnt know why but I still had to deliver her. Six hours later we saddly welcomed our baby girl silently into this world. Maya Elizabeth Nunez- 4bls, 8 oz, 19 inches. Born at 8:58 pm.Big girl and so perfect.She was so beautiful just like her sisters.Still there is no reason as to why this happened, or a cause becuase she was absoluty perfect.We had our immediate family there so they all got to hold her and say they love her. We were able to keep her will us throughout the night.I just held her in my arms all night crying wishing she could be ok and here with us.We love our baby girl very much and will always love her until we can be together again! We hope you all will forever remember our sweet baby girl also.
























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