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July 17 1960 - February 20 2007


This online memorial was created in loving memory of LORI STEINER, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign LORI's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember LORI forever.

Lori was a very special person.  If you met her you would like her instantly.  She had bi=polar illness therefore it was hard for her to keep friends.  I spoke with her every day and took her everywhere she went because she could no longer drive because of all the medications she was taking for several illness.

Lori had three children, ages now are 27,19,17. two girls and a boy.  They were of course devasted by her death. 

My husband(Lori's step-father) and I were in Florida on vacation when I got the call that Lori had been taken to the hospital, then my other daughter called me right back(after she went to the hospital) and told me that Lori had died.  Of course I was incoherent and my husband packed us up and he drove straight through to make the arrangements.  The medical examiner said that her body just couldn't take all the medications anymore.  She was on the pain management program.

Lori had a beautiful smile and loved her three children with all her heart.  She tried so hard to do good for other people. Lori & I had our ups and downs with her moods but I loved her with all my heart and miss her so much.

She was divorced and lived by herself after her two younger children went to live with their Dad because of her sickness.  She was on SSI income and it was really hard for her to even get by but she managed the best she could and always was thinking of other people, trying to help them by giving them food or whatever she had that she thought they could use.  Lori was very good hearted.


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