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Memorial created 01-21-1999 by
Penny Preston
Michael Jason-Lee Preston
July 7 1982 - October 14 1998

October 14, 1998 didn't start out like any other day. Mikes grandma Bonnie was having heart surgery. We all thought it was routine by pass surgery. We went to the hospital to be there for her and the kids all went to school. Mike had worked hard to get his good grades so he could finally after being 16 for 3 months get his license. I wanted to go with him but I felt I should be at the hospital with the family. He had his other grandma take him which I had said was ok. He had after all worked so very hard and just because I couldn't be there didn't seem like a good reason.

Photo of Mike and Jessica at homecoming this year. This picture was taken four days before he died. He had a good time and was even going to take swing dance lessons.

He passed his divers test with flying colors.. He was so excited and I told him I love you wish I could of been there and his reply? No problem mom I understand grandma needs you I Love you too. Mike borrowed grandmas car to go to school and then he returned it after taking his friends out for lunch. The last thing he said to grandma was thanks I love you see you at three. Well things at the hospital weren't going as planned seems things were going to be a little more difficult. We went out for lunch and when we got back to the hospital there were so many police cars and the flight for life helicopter we knew someone's lives had been turned upside down. We had no idea it was ours.

Photo of Mike and Mom at Bronco training camp with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Mike worked for mom We had a great time.

Time went on and then my mom called the hospital to tell us one of Mikes friends Mark Whitman had been killed in a car accident. My heart dropped and then she said Mike hadn't come home from school yet. I knew that something terribly bad had happened. Well we finally got someone in the emergency room to come up to talk to us and I knew that Mike was gone. the chaplain and a few other people were there a state patrol counselor. We heard those awful words" we are so sorry to have to tell you" My mind went blank all I could think about was why did God have to take my son. I guess as time goes on you heal but you always have the wound. Mike was driving his friend Marks car and Catey and Zak had wanted to go for a ride with them to try out Mikes new drivers license. They all were wearing their seatbelts, none of them were drinking or doing drugs, Mike wasn't speeding. He made a mistake he ran a stop sign it was about 12:30 in the afternoon. It was a construction site and the west bound lane was closed a semi truck broadside them. None of them knew what hit them. I am so thankful for that. Mike and Catey were pronounced dead on the scene, Mark died on the way to the hospital and Zak he lived until about 7:30 he never regained conciseness.

This is a drawing Mike was working on at school. They found it in his locker after he died. He had finished the project before the rest of the kids. We had it shrunk down so we could use it as the cover of his funeral program. Look at the detail. It was done in all dots. AMAZING.

Later on that evening his grandma Bonnie was still in surgery it lasted sixteen hours. Things didn't look so good. On Saturday October 17, 1998 she went to heaven to be with Mike.

Mike lived life to fullest. He was the third of five kids. He has a sister Alisha brothers Court, Dustin and Josh. When Mike was born he brought so much excitement into everyone's lives. He used to take anything and everything apart and then put it back together again.

He was always trying to make people laugh and he could imitate voices like you couldn't believe. He loved to skateboard and draw. He loved his friends and family Mike knew no stranger. We miss him. I am so thankful he lived his life the way he did. Through his death I have learned so much. Never put off today you may not have a tomorrow. Mike always helped anyone who needed help and usually he did it with a cheerful heart. He was after all a 16 year old boy.

We donated his eyes and organs. I know that Mike would have wanted to help someone else. Mike made me very proud all his life and in a sense in his death. We love you Mike and know you are watching down from heaven and some day we will all be together what a glorious day that will be.

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Mike, Dustin and Josh at a photo booth in the mall. Our angels...

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