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Memorial created 04-24-2008 by
Rita Huber
Laura Marie Huber-Goodin
January 15 1976 - May 1 2003

Laura's High School Senior Picture 1994

WHENEVER A CHILD DIES, an angel comes down from heaven, takes the child in its arms, and spreads out its large wings, visits all the places that had been particularly dear to the child.  From the best-loved place the angel gathers a handful of flowers, flying up again to heaven with them.  There they bloom more beautifully than on earth. 

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Laura Huber-Goodin, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Laura's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Laura forever.

This Memorial is for Laura on her fifth anniversary in heaven.  It will be put together with many tears and many memories.  As a mother the last thing you want after the passing of a child is to let them be forgotten.  I hope in time this memorial will also be a comfort to Laura's sister Becky, brother Eddie, her dad and myself along with all of her extended family members. 

I do hope in time that Becky and Eddie will find a way to come here and leave their memories so that they too will live on forever in not only their hearts but for the rest of us.  I wish so much that as I sit here and write in this memorial that I can find the words and memories that will in time bring warmth to all of their hearts and perhaps a small smile as they look back in time at all the beautiful moments Laura gave to all of us. 

To my family, this has been some what of a healing guide for me.  It has taken many of the tears that I have shed through the years and gave me strength to face yet another day without Laura. 

As time goes on I will continue to keep this memorial updated as memories and moments find their way back to my heart.  Please as each family member(father, sister, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. view these pages, please sign Laura's guestbook as reading words from Laura's extended family also helps to know that Laura has touched your life as she has mine. 

Each page will be made with so much love from a mothers heart that will never be the same again.  I can only hope that in time as Laura's sister and brother begin to have their families that they will share these pages with their little ones, so not only they will come to know Laura but to see what a beautiful Aunt, Laura truly was.  God bless all of you.

Our daughter, sister, wife, granddaughter and friend.  Your smile and kindness warmed the hearts of all you met.  It's been 5 years Laura since you left us and started your new life in heaven, but there isn't a day that goes by that you are not remembered.  Always with a smile and always with  pain in our heart and tears in our eyes with  our loss of you. 

You are so missed.  

People think that because it has been 5 years the pain is less, but that is not true.  No one knows the hurt we live with every day.  You made our family complete, and now there is a huge void in our lives that no one will ever fill.  Each day is a chore to get thru but we have no choice but to continue on, but knowing someday again we will be reunited helps us thru.  

So many times we wish for you to walk back thru the door or to hear your laughter, or even to see that frown.  What we would give to just be able to sit and talk with you again and to share a hug. 

Laura was a very giving and loving person.  She was very family oriented.  Always willing to do for others.  You would have made such a good mommy.  But I know you are there amongst all the little angels that God has picked out especailly for you to watch over and too love.

We miss you sweetheart so much. 


It hurts so much to have the family together and to look around and you are not there with us.  But your faith in God never faultered.  For now you are our own special angel, and we know regardless what we do or where we are, you walk beside us and that gives us strength to carry on. 

May you always know just how much we love you and miss you and we ask God to keep you close to him and in his loving care until once again we can be reunited. 

God Bless You Laura.


Laura passed away on May 1, 2003 during surgery for her second liver transplant.

Laura graduated from Stockbridge Community Schools in May of 1994 and attended Eastern Michigan Unniversity where she was studying Lower Elementary Teaching.  She was to complete her student teaching in the fall of 2004.  While attending college Laura also was a head cheerleading coach, to which she not only enjoyed and found it a passion of hers but also gave of herself to each girl she coached.  A mentor, a role model and a friend to each.  All the girls she coached was like her own.  She had so much respect for each of them and she would always glow when she spoke of them. 

At her funeral all of her cheerleaders she coached that year and in the previous year was in attendance which I know Laura looked down from heaven and smiled and was so very proud of each and every one of them.  Laura touched so many lives in her short time here on earth.

Oh, Laura, what we would give to be able to turn back the hands of time again.  So much has happened since you left us, but I know you have been watching as we continue on thru our lives and hope you smile down on each new joy we have. 

The pain today is as new as if we lost you yesterday, but here we are 5 years on this the anniversary of your passing.  We love and miss you Laura so very much. 

Kisses n' Hugs  

Your loving family.



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