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Memorial created 06-23-2008 by
Mandy Welch
Wyatt Oliver Welch
April 14 2008 - May 2 2008

Baby Wyatt In the NICU

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Wyatt Welch, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Wyatt's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Wyatt forever.

Wyatt officially became part of our family last August. I was only 4 weeks pregnant. We were so excited and nervous to be expecting our 4th baby! Our older kids, Mikie 7, Tyler 5 and Kailey 3, were so excited there was a new baby in Mama's belly! They wanted him to come out right then! The boys were all hoping for another boy and Kailey and I were both hoping for another girl, to even the odds a little bit  

November 1, I got a call from my OB. My quad screen came back positive for Trisomy 18. We were scared to death! Everybody told us terrible things about this! We had to wait 10 excrusiatingly long days to see the Neonatologist where we had a ultrasound done. The Dr. looked for markers of the Trisomy, but couldn't find any, until he came to the heart. Wyatt's heart was at a 90 degree angle. We had an amnio done, to make sure there wasn't any trace of the Trisomy 18. The Dr. refered us to a cardiologist. The only good news we got all day, was we were having another BOY!!!!

We were so happy, because we knew the Dr.'s could fix Wyatt's heart. We kept telling everybody, "It's just heart surgery! They can fix our baby!" We were so happy we knew we had to give Wyatt a chance!

Our amnio came back negitive for Trisomy 18, but positive for a chromisone disorder called DiGeorge's. (More later)



Mama, Daddy & Baby Wyatt

Two weeks later, we saw the cardiologist. He told us our baby had a heart defect called Truncas Arteriousis. To make a long explaination short, his heart didn't form all the way, and his oxynated blood and non-oxynated blood was all mixing together. Wyatt would be ok while he was in utero, but 5-7 days after he was born, he'd have to have an open heart surgery! Then another one at age 2 and at least one more around 17 years old. We were very scared, but ok with this because the Cardiologist was so positive that they could fix our baby! They gave us hope for our little man.

We had so many Dr. appointments throughout this pregnancy! We went to the Dr.'s at least 2 times a month, until 32 weeks then we went 3-4 times a week!  With DiGeorge's Syndrome there are over 150 different medical issues that could go wrong and it also had a lot of mental issues as well! We were still very optimistic. We knew we could love and handle anything that God gave put in front of us. Our family and friends were all so supportive we knew it would be a long haul, but we would pull through with our newest little angle.

My OB kept telling us that he was going to be born blue, or "We are going to try to have a live birth" They just kept scaring us to death! They told us we weren't going to be able to see him in the delivery room, and they were going to be working on him right away! With tubes and needles! I was so scared!

Tyler is such a blankey boy, we decided to make "Wyatt Blankets" for Wyatt. Each of the kids picked out a fleece material they thought Wyatt would love. Then we made them into tie blankets. The kids were so proud of their blankets and so excited for Wyatt to get to see them! It really helped them to feel like they were a part of Wyatt!

Finally we got to 39 weeks. All the Dr.'s said we were good to go as far as inducing a week early! I was so excited and ready to have this baby! Then, the day before we were to be induced, the cardiologist called and told me we had to postpone for 5 days because he and the surgeon were going to be out of the country for 3 weeks! I couldn't believe it! I had family flying in from Japan that morning and we had everything all planned out! It was just my luck!

Although we had to be post poned, I was almost relieved. I was so scared for Wyatt to come into this world! I didn't really know what to expect, and was very scared! I was ok after the initial dissapointment, that we had to wait a little bit longer!


Mikie, Tyler & Kailey

On April 14, I finally got to go to be induced! Wyatt Oliver Welch was born at 7:30pm weighing 7lbs 6oz and he was 20 1/4" long! My Mom, Mike's Mom, Brandie and SIssy (Mikie's sisters) were all in the delivery room when he made his arrival! Everybody in the whole room continued to repeat "He's Pink and He's Perfect!" over and over again! I even got to hold him in the delivery room! When he was born, he never cried, he babbled!! We couldn't believe it! All the nurses were totally amazed at what he was doing! All I kept hearing was, "Babies don't do that! It's amazing!" He had so much to tell us!

After we all got to hold him, they took him down the the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where we got to spend the next 14 days with Wyatt.

Wyatt's care times were every 3 hours, and Either Mike or I spent every one of them with him. Feeding him, changing his diapers, rocking him and just getting to know him!

Mikie, Tyler and Kailey all got to go in and see Wyatt and see him with his "Wyatt Blankets"! They were so excited when he had their blanket over him!

Mikie was so proud of Wyatt! He was so ready for him to come home from the hospital so he could play with him! Tyler wanted to "Torture" him! He wanted to steal his binkie then give it back! I think he was just excited he wasn't the youngest boy any more! Kailey was so proud she was "A Big Sister" She told everybody who would listen that she was!

Our family helped us so much with Mikie Tyler and Kailey while Mike and I were in the hospital! I never spent a night away from Wyatt. Mike only spent 3-4 in 18 days! It was amazing! We got to spend so much time with Wyatt, because of our wonderful family!


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