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In Memory of Brooke from Lisa V. & Angel Oj.

Memorial created 07-4-2008 by
renee~mommy 2 skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm~
Brooke Marie Bennett
July 12 1995 - July 3 2008

~Murder victim~


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Brooke Bennett, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Brooke's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Brooke forever. I would like to thank O.J. Villarreal's mom, Lisa for sponsoring this memorial You are an earth angel and i am so thankful that you did this for Brooke... PLEASE VISIT LISA'S ANGEL, OSCAR JAMES VILLARREAL ON VM!!! Thank you Lisa from the bottom of my heart...      Thank you again for stopping by... Renee ~Mommy 2 Skye Harrison, Daughter of Maria Romanchick both on vm~


~A life cut short~

~~I will be adding more info and photo's as soon as possible~~ Thank you for stopping by to visit with Brooke and for signing her guestbook! Brooke is the 12 year old girl from Vermont, who was reported missing on June 25th, 2008. The media was covering this story for 1 week, hoping for the safe return of this beautiful child and unfortunately, her remains were found at about 4:45 pm on July 3rd. Her uncle, who is a registered sex offender is held and being charged with her kidnapping, rape and murder. Her step-father is also being held and questioned for involvement in this murder. Brooke's badly decomposed body was found near her uncle's home, in a shallow makeshift grave only a mile away from his residence! Video shows Brooke and her uncle at a local Cumberland Farms convenience store, where he supposedly dropped her off at 9:00 am on june 25th to meet a friend, She was never seen again, Police believe she was murdered shortly after her abduction. An autopsy is being performed at this time. Please pray for this innocent child and her family, who love and miss her so much! She is survived by her father, step-mother, 2 siblings, her mother and a host of family and friends! (Brooke's uncle, Michael Jacques is the husband of Brooke's mother's sister and we are all trying to figure out how her mother, casandra could leave this innocent child home alone with a known sex offender... Brooke's dad, james was very involved in her life, He was an excellent father and his wife, Janet was very supportive of Brooke, she had known Brooke since she was 16 months old and has been a big part of her life! Brooke's dad recently returned from Iraq and was thrilled to be home to see his children! As for the uncle, Michael Jacques and the step-father, Robert Gagnon they had a sex ring called "Breckenridge" in which they would lure little girls in and then sexual molest them and they were told that if they told anyone, they would get their throats cut! This story has really touched and broke my heart and that is why i had to make a memorial for this sweet girl...


~Such a beautiful girl~

Brooke just finished the 7th grade at Randolph Union High School. She resided in Braintree, Vermont.


~Amber alert photo~

~~This story was covered on all of the local news stations and on "Nancy Grace" who did a wonderful job on spreading the word on this missing young lady and keeping us all informed on what exactly was happening from day to day!~~

~Innocent angel~
~Last school picture taken~

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