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Memorial created 07-24-2008 by
Tammy Snider
Lisa Kay Surbrook-Moore
September 17 1963 - May 4 2007

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My sweet baby sis, it is with tears that drip sore that I make this memorial for you.There is an empitness in me that will never be filled. I love you unconditionally and forever as you have always loved me. You remain forever close in my heart and this memory of your life is for your babies to know mommy as they grow up.

I love you baby sis.....sisters, together FOREVER!

Lisa Kay had brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of a plum in her head in February 2006. The surgery left her disabled and in pain most of her days after the surgery. She died on May 4, 2007 with her sister and mother by her side when she went to fly with the angels. All of her family spent the last two days of her life with her by her side.


Lisa Kay married and had two children Michael Jr. and Makayla whom she adorded and was the best mommy I have ever know to them.




Our angel on earth and in heaven

Lisa had built a wonderful life and career in the Sacramento, California area - she was loved by so many family members and friends. She touched everyones life that knew her. She was a true angel here on earth before going home with God to be an angel in heaven.

Just one short month before her death Lisa was brought to Oregon to be close to her family who loved her dearly. She was cared for by her loving neice Monique who was a licensed CNA. Monique worked with her daily on her speach and writing. And mom rubbed and massaged her legs before bed every night. Monique and I had planned to work with her in a pool to teach her to walk again. I worked during the day then would go to moms after work so Monique could go home to her famil. I tucked her into bed every night and chatted with her, mom couldnt work the hoyer by herself to get her into bed. Those last few weeks of her life though, she wasnt really Lisa Kay, she was changing and acting oddly but non of really wanted to see it much less admit it. I still to this day think some of GOD's plans really bite! Not questioning them mind you, just saying they bite.

I have only ONE regret with my sis and that is the last week she was alive, she asked me to spend the night with her - I said I had to get home to my family........if I had only known it would me my last chance I wouldhave stayed!!!! I am so sorry sis!


Winnie Pooh

Lisa loved Winnie the Pooh. She had a WInnie Pooh collection and Michael's room was decorated in Winnie the Pooh when he finally got to come from the hospital to his new room at home. Mom was in Oregon and Lisa in Sacramento so Nana did not get to see the grandkids alot as Michael could not travel when he was younger so Lisa got this big Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal from mom and Lisa would take the Michael's picture next to the Pooh every month so Mom could see how big the he was growing and how much he was changing.

~Pooh has flowers for you sis!


Cassidy Halloween 07 at her request to be an angel "just like my Auntie Lisa"

About Lisa Kay ~

She had one speed, be it in a hurry or not  - Slow. She liked Pepsi and Mt Dew, hated coffee (never touched the stuff), was not much of a sweets eater, was not a huge fan of salads, hated tomatoes and disliked ketchup. She was a safe and careful driver, but was in many auto accidents. Her favorite restraunt was Black Angus, she liked the teriaki ribs and bread. She hated confrontations and would avoid arguing even to prove her point. She was a loyal and dependable and valued employee for Healthnet for over 20 years and was very knowledgable with saving the compnay thousands of dollars, which she was never able to pass on to her replacement as one day she was fine, the next she was having brain surgery, totally unexpected. Lisa was THE BEST MAMA I have ever met. She always put her kids needs before her own and provided well for them both in this world and now as well.  

My sis and I are not blood related but we had the most wonderful sister relationship ever and I COULD NOT LOVE HER MORE!! She was my rock, my constant and I have had to learn to live life differently without her. I made her a promise as she was dying that I would always forever be there for her babies. Lisa had her first surgery at two weeks old for a blocked intenstine. When Lisa was 2, mom met dad (who had custody of me) and they got married and we were sisters from then! In 3rd grade Lisa was dianosed with Lukemia. I remember going to the chemo apts sometimes with mom and back then it was a group of kids that came on the same day - same time. When I went there would be less kids there, as they were dying....this was in the 70's. Lisa survived her lukemia and it went into remission for many years. God gave me 42 years of memories and love and for that I am so thankful! The last 10 years her blood pressure was extremely high, and she was 3 different medications to control it. She had her son in 1999 and from the day he was born her focus was all on him and keeping him well and alive. In 2004 she was pregnant with her daughter, which was extremely hard on her. She had to go off her high blood pressure medications and was just very uncomfortable. I would go to her house everyday and do things for her like cleaning and laundry and say hello to Aunties girl in her belly. I did Makaylas entire nursery including putting the dresser together :-), painted - everything. Lisa's husband knew that the birth would be C-Section and he declined being in the delivery room this time as he was with Michael. I GOT TO GO!!! I was the first one to see and touch Kalya and guessed her wiegt,  being off only 1 ounce from her birth weight.. When they put her on the scale I put my finger down by her and she grabbed it with her fist. She will be Aunties girl FOREVER...I love her dearly.




Beautiful Lisa Kay

In 2005 I was at work and got a call from Lisa about her trip to the doctor for her headaches and then being seen by the optomitrist who "saw something" when he looked into her eyes. She was told she might have a tumor. I tried to keep good thoughts and not worry and asked her to do the same.  She had her test and we waited. As fate would have it I was let go from my job when they found out my sis might have medical problems and thought my focus would not be on work when she was so far away from me.  I never told her that though when she asked me was it her fault I lost my job, I said No. Since I wasnt not working and got a little severance pay I made a surprise visit to Sacramento one day in January 2006 and I had just got to town at my friends house (sis was still at work) and I got the most memorable and horrible call ever. It was again fate that I was in town near her on just the day I needed to be. Sis was crying no hysterically blubbering and these words ring in my head even today - she said "I need you when can you get here!" I said 20 minutes I am in town -where are you? Home. I went to her and she told me it is a tumor and she she needed an operation and had to meet with a brain surgeon the next day and could I go with her. It was like someone took the air from my lungs and I couldnt breath. Her son needed her and her baby needed her and I needed her.

My honest to God first thought was please God, please make it me instead. My kids are older and healthy and this would devestate my mom. I prayed to God, please make it me and not her! She is abetter person than I. It crushed me! I just held her and we prayed and then we called my mom together and Lisa was so upset she could not talk to her. We all decided to dry up the tears and the Lord would not bring us more than we could handle (guess he thinks were Superman or something).....From that moment forward we spoke nothing but positive and only positive thoughtts - God would not take her from us, we just knew that in our hearts.  


Lisa's beautiful smile

Lisa had brain surgery in February 2007. The surgery lastest from 8am in the morning until 11:30pm that night. The surgeon was able to get only 70% of the tumor out and we were told she would have disbilities to live with as the tumor and grown intertwined with her nerves that control her vision and her face movement on the right side and into her sinus cavity. She lived through her surgery like we all prayed so hard for - but had severe disbilities. She could not walk, stand or talk and the entire right side of her face sagged as there was no muscle control. She basicaly just sat in a chair everyday and could not even take herself potty. Is broke my heart.

I am sorry to say the sadest part of Lisa's life was that the last year of it - she lived the last year of life with pain, abandonment and  torment (and this is the only validation I will mention of someone I detest with every once of my being and who I need to try to find a way to rid his dark evil memory from my life, because still to this day 3 years leater I want to scratch his eyes out - charma is taking WAY to long to make this wrong right!) a man who who tired to honestly kill her and take her ife insurance, a man who fooled us all by pretended to care about her while he tortured her and took everything she had earned and obtained in her life). She suffered for one rerason only -so that she could be near her babies and see them often, A MOTHERS LOVE! We begged her to come to Oregon and let us take care of her - she said No it was too far from her babies.



Finally at the end March 2007 mom and Monique went down and moved her away from the pain, brought her to Oregon to get her health back. as we could see she was slowing fading from us. Monique is a licesed CNA and would be her caregiver. Around Easter Monique said she was acting funny and something was wrong then on May 2 she rushed her to the hospital as she was screaming in pain and being incoherent. I was at work and got a call "Come quick Auntie Lisa has another tumor they are admitting her". I left work and went to my hubbys work to get some money and  I was hysterical but not knowing I was about to hear the worst thing I have ever heard and had to deal with in my life. Monique had called her dad and given him more information he needed to tell me before I got to the hospital. It was from his sweet lips that I heard my sister would die. He was and his been my rock. He said Tammy, you need to sit here with me for a minute I have to tell you something. He held me and said the tumor they found is killing her, she wont live through it, it is at the brain stem. He held me for a few mintues and then I drove to her. I was at her side for a day and 1/2 until she died. My daughter and I called her husband and he and his mom brought the kids immediatey. I remember (she was on constant morphine and non-coherant) when her kids would get up on her bed and kiss her, her foot would wiggle from side to side. Mom and I were the ony ones there at the time she passed it was early May 4 about 2:20 am and part of me died then and there. Lisa was at peace and would suffer no more. She is our angel on earth and in heaven.


Your babies (2012)

Your kids are so beautiful - they were just here for a visit and on the way home in the car Kayla said her daddy told her he hopes she grows up to be just like her mama. She was asking what her mom's voice sounded like, so Mom and Monique got out some old video of you and played it for her. I love the BOTH so very much! And I miss you so much too! In a few days it will be FIVE YEARS and I just cant seem to stop missing you so very much! ~i love you.


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