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Erica Suzanne Gray
March 20 1979 - January 12 2006

High School Grad -- 1993 (anxiety prevented a University photo)



How do you pay respect and create a worthy tribute to an exceptional daughter, sister, granddaughter and outstanding young woman, who you love more than life itself--   the special someone who brought  immense pride, joy and meaning to your life?

As her father , Eric noted in her obituary, “A brilliant ray of sunshine … who had endured in recent years, an unquiet mind”.  (phrase taken from the title of Kay Redfield Jamison’s book—An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness, which Erica read enthusiastically).

We never ever thought that we would lose Erica.  When she was diagnosed with depression, severe anxiety and later Bi-Polar, we always thought she would get better.  She met her illness head-on -- seeking the help of her doctor,  regularly visiting her psychiatrist, specialists and a psychologist.  Erica read and researched her illness, medications and treatments.  She attended a self-help group and was relentless in her search and struggle.  Unfortunately, anxiety overpowered her logical thinking and in the end, encompassed her entire being.

Most of the following are notes that Eric lovingly  put together for her funeral service.  I was in too much shock to contribute, but he captured her life and personality very accurately.


When you've read Erica's story, please visit her grandfather's VM at:

                                  Reginald Dayton Foster.


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