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Memorial created by his daughter Karen Pelletier.

Memorial created 09-8-2008 by
Karen Pelletier
Ronald St. Germain
November 17 1939 - August 1 1979


This online memorial was created by Karen Pelletier in loving memory of her dad Ronald St. Germain.

I wanted to create a memorial for my dad for some time now. My dad's life story will be told throughout this memorial site.

My daughter Kristy Pelletier passed away on June 25, 2007. She also has a loving memorial in her memory on the vm site.

Please sign my dad's guest book and let me know you came to visit. He will always be remembered in my heart forever!



The picture above, is of my dad Ronald St. Germain. He was born on November 17, 1939 in Eagle Lake, Maine and he died on August 1, 1979 in a lumbering accident in Plaisted, Maine, when I was 14 years old.  He was only 39 years old. My father died as a result of a horrible lumbering accident. He was a lumberjack and was at work when he died. He was attempting to cut a tree, that was hung up against another tree with his chain saw. In attempting to cut the second tree, it bucked stiking the chainsaw and hurling the chainsaw into his chest, cutting him open at the heart.  My brother Wayne was with our dad at the time and held him in his arms. My brother said our dad lived for about 20 minutes, as he slowly bled to death in my brothers arms. How sad and frightening that must have been for my brother Wayne. My brother was 17 years old at the time. Just a child himself. My brother told us my dad's last words were, " I love you all. Please tell your mom, I love her." My dad had many accidents in his short life, but this is the one that killed him. My brother Wayne still tells me today, that he has so many nightmares about what happened to our dad. He sees this awful thing happening over and over again in his dreams. My brother never received any kind of counseling for this tragedy that he witnessed. I hope some day he will go. I love you Wayne!

My father died very young, so he didn't get to meet any of his grandchildren. He has 9 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. His first grand-daughter was born on September 25, 1981.

I remember about 6 months before my daughter Kristy passed away. Kristy helped me make a big, gigantic, picture memorial of my dad (Kristy's grandfather.) We sat at the table for hours decorating the picture and putting pictures of all his grandchildren and great-grandchildren he never met, on the picture. As Kristy and I talked about her grandfather while making the picture, she told me that she would keep up with his picture memorial when I passed away. She told me, " I promise you mom, I will update it every time another grandchild is born." Little did I know that she was going to pass away just 6 months later. We both did not know how sick she was at the time when she told me this. Kristy was so happy that day, as we talked together about her grandfather. I still remember this like it was yesterday. Oh how I miss my little girl so much. I miss my dad so much too! I love you both. Please pray for us.






Here is a newspaper clipping of my dad's accident. It says...

---Saw kills lumberjack, falling tree---

A 39 year old lumberjack was killed on the job early Wednesday morning when he was struck in the chest by his chainsaw, police said.

Ronald St. Germain of Winterville Plt was killed almost instantly after he was struck at about 6:40 a.m; said Cpl. Ross Gatcomb of the Maine State Police.

Gatcomb said St. Germain had cut a tree which got hung up. In attempting to cut the second tree, it bucked striking the chainsaw and hurling it into his chest.

St Germain was working for Robert Lozier cutting on the Herold Ward woodlot in Eagle Lake. He was working with his son, Wayne, and Michael King, 23, of Eagle Lake.

Gatcomb said St. Germain had been a woodsman for several years. 





It says....

Ronald St. Germain, 39 died Aug 1, 1979 while at work in Plaisted as a result of a chainsaw accident. He was born at Eagle Lake, Nov 17, 1939, the son of Abel and Delphine ( Bouley ) St. Germain. He was a past member of the National Guard in Hartford, Conn. He is survived by his wife Jeannette (Vaillancourt) St. Germain of Eagle Lake; two sons, Wayne and Kevin, both of Eagle Lake; two daughters, Karen and Kim both of Eagle Lake. Four brothers, Alfred of Eagle Lake, Norman of Terryville, Conn. Carrol of Dover N.H. and Donald of Hartford, Conn. Two sisters, Mrs. Lester (Joan) Berube and Mrs. Alphonse (Theresa) Daigle, both of Eagle Lake; several nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian burial will be held Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Eagle Lake. Burial will follow in the parish cemetery. Friends and relatives may call at the Daigle and Nadeau Funeral Home in Fort Kent, Friday, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. until time of service.




Here is a poem that was written about my dad. It was written by my sister Kim after he died. It was written about his life as a wonderful husband and father. It shows how hard of a worker he was. 

I love and miss you so much dad! May you rest in peace.


                        The alarm clock would ring,

                          in the early morning light.

                       We would not see you again,

                               til' later that night.


                            It was summer vacation,

                             the boys would go too.

                          The extra money earned,

                     would make things easier on you.


                            Your wife and daughters,

                           would go about their day.

                             Cooking and cleaning,

                   to make things perfect in every way.


                            Supper would be ready,

                           we'd sit out on the porch.

                       Waiting for you to come home,

                       from another long day at work.


                       We could hear that old red car,

                               coming up the road.

                         Sounding like it was carrying,

                                   a two ton load.


                           You'd pull in the driveway,

                              then just sit in the car.

                    Too tired to climb the porch stairs,

                       although they weren't very far.


                               You worked so hard,

                                      all your life.

                           To support your children,

                                    and your wife.


                     You'd sit at the head of the table,

                              which was your place.

                                 While Karen and I,

            washed the tree sap from your arms and face.


                             We'd gather for supper,

                           around the kitchen table.

            Telling us how much work you've got done,

          and would do more tomorrow, if you were able.


                              You were always tired,

                             at the end of each day.

                            But you always had time,

                to help us with homework, or just to play.


                                We'd do the dishes,

                          while you sat on the couch.

                                within ten minutes,

                            like a light, you were out.


                          We were all so very happy,

                    our family was so close together.

                        We didn't have much money,

                       but we always had each other.


                                     Until that day,

                          that you didn't come home.

                            Why He, took you away,

                               will never be known.


                              We were home alone,

                             mom was on vacation.

                         The priest was at the door,

                        with that look of devastation.


                               He gathered us kids,

                             Kevin, Karen and Kim.

                              Wayne wasn't home,

                       he was in the woods with him.


                           He told us what happened,

                             to our wonderful father.

                         He was in Heaven with God,

                          and was to suffer no longer.


                                 Mom came home,

                                to us four children.

                                To raise us alone,

                           without any help from him.


                  The days of darkness crept by slowly,

                                they lasted forever.

                       The nights were even worse,

                        t hey lasted forever and ever.


                              We miss you so much,

                        we have no where to turn to.

                             How are we expected,

                         to live our lives without you?


                            We laughed and we cried,

                           sharing our lives together.

                              Now all we are left with,

                           are memories to treasure.


                       You were so kind, so generous,

                                 and thoughtful too.

                    You're dearly missed by everyone,

                                 they all loved you.


                             People ask themselves,

                            Why him?---- Why Ron?

                             He deserved lifes best,

                        Why this man?---- Why Ron?


                                You were so loving,

                                you were so young.

                              You were taken away,

                       When your life had just begun.


                         Your children are grown now,

                               your wife is older too.

             And there's twelve beautiful grandchildren,

                who would have loved to have met you!


                  They didn't get to meet their grandpa,

                        but you can see in their eyes.

                             Your St. Germain spirit,

                                will forever be alive.


                               Not only in our hearts,

                         but in your grandchildren too.

             Your love and memories will shine forever,

                      even after we are again with you.


                                   So until that day,

                       when we will meet once again.

                    Your warmth and gentle kindness,

                      will be passed on to our children.


                           You will never be forgotten,

                       your life is in each of our hearts.

                     After all, where would we be today,

                    if you weren't with us from the start.


                       So now, I'll end my lengthly say,

                          about our lives without you.

                           I'm sure I speak for all of us,

                  in saying how much we still love you!!



                        We all love and miss you dad!!





Here is a lit candle for you dad. It will stay lit forever in your loving memory. I love you!

Here are all the names of my dad's grandchildren and great-grandchildren, he never met.

Jessica Pelletier (married name is Triplett)

Kirsten St. Germain

     Kristy Pelletier (who is our daughter, who passed away)

                              Melissa Michaud

                              Mary Pelletier

                              Sarah Pelletier

                           Amanda St. Germain

                                Jacob Adams

                               Kaitlyn Adams

           Here are the great-grandchildren's names.

                               Aliyah Triplett

                                Karri Triplett

                               Hailey Triplett




This picture was made by me, "Ronald's daughter Karen", in loving memory of my dad "Ronald" and my daughter "Kristy". I love and miss you both so much!

Please help us daddy and Kristy to heal from your tragic losses. God bless you both!


                                        Dear God,

       Eternal Rest grant onto them O Lord

     and let perpetual light shine upon them.

                May they rest in peace!







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