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Memorial created 09-29-2008 by
Debbie Velez
Celia Grace Ann Velez
January 12 2005 - May 4 2008


This online memorial was created in loving memory of Celia Velez, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Celia's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Celia forever.                                                       


  Celia Grace Ann Velez~~My Precious Butterfly                                              


This is a litt bit of a glimpse of my babygirl's life and some memories of her.She was a candle whose flame was blown out too soon, maybe like the candle, the flame is put out to preserve the candle in all its beauty instead of just melted wax and wick. She  is forever beautiful. She is a perfectly newly bloomed flower on God's Throne!!!


This picture is what I was waiting for,and I had no clue. Of course I had seen it,but it was a memory scrapbook her teachers made. I had been given copies of all the pics that they had taken of Celia. But this one ,was not in with those. I was going through her book and I saw this one and was stunned for a second, this is why I have procrastinated terribly concerning my car winshield. I want to put her pic and stuff on my back window,the whole memorial thing.... I was going to use a different one, but it just wasn't right....When I saw this one, I knew it, this is the picture. My beautiful baby girl, I miss you so much sweetie,until you find my teardrop in the ocean......... 


               I long to feel the soft weight of you,  to welcome you home,with kisses on silky round cheeks. Instead my arms ache with the weight of your absence... The empty places that were meant for you to grow into. My love for you will last an eternity. My hopes and dreams now carried on the fragile wings of each butterfly passing...compelling me to pause, to savor such moment, each flutter in my heart, your wings....... 


My Babygirl's first Christmas

This was Celia's first Christmas, I wish with all my heart and soul that I could jump into that picture so I could hold her again and forever....I miss you my little Princess Celia <3 <3 <3



This picture shows all my babies, with the exception of little Lukas who was not yet born, no matter how full my house is, it is so empty without my Celia...................

The absence of her presence is all around......



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