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Memorial created 10-13-2008 by
Amber O'Hara
Carolyn Connolly
November 16 1953 - August 2 2008

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Carolyn Connolly, who was brutally murdered in Toronto ON, Canada on August 2, 2008.

Carolyn was an Ojibwe woman from Curve Lake  First Nation  -near Peterborough, ON.

Her shattered life, with an abusive father  led her to a life of drugs. This lifestyle led her to do things she didn't want to do, and to go places she never wanted to go.

Carolyn was a sweet woman who would literally give the shirt off her back to a total stranger in need, regardless of race or sex, without asking a question.

Many women have commented on how she got them off the street, telling young prostitutes that they were not street smart and would not survive out there. 

Up to her death, Carolyn struggled with addiction, wanting to get clean for her children and the grandson, Ryan, who she adored.

She was extremely proud of her two daughters, Connie and Annie and was forever grateful to her ex husband and his family for raising her "two girls" as she referred to them, in a good way, in a loving home.

 Carolyn  never judged anyone she met and desperately wanted others to see her as the true person she was:  a kind woman with a heart of gold, who loved all, and just wanted to be loved and respected in return.

She didn't have much reason to trust many in life, and it took her awhile to trust people  she met. When she looked at you,  people say, she would stare right into your eyes, almost as though she were  looking into your soul to see if you could be trusted.

At her memorial her housing worker spoke of how when she first met him, she BEGGED him to find her a place to live. She had hit rock bottom and she knew if she didn't get off the streets she would die.

When he found her an apt. she arrived at his office to sign the lease with two other friends from the street, asking him to please find  them a home as well because they ,too, would die  on the streets unless they had a home.

 This was so typical of Carolyn, always thinking of others!

On August 2, 2008 at 6:30 AM a woman walking her dog, found her body sprawled out in an alleyway at Shuter and Seaton Sts. in Toronto.

 Later, the media reported that neighbours heard her screams.  One neighbour actually told the media that he heard awful screams at 1 AM    -  so loud that they woke his daughters and wife up, terrifying them.


 Carolyn's autopsy shows she had been beaten to a pulp and stabbed multple times in the heart. She was so badly beaten, she was unable to have an open casket and police advised her daughters not to view her body prior to the funeral.

 Photos of the crime scene show that she was already down on the ground when she was so brutally stabbed.

 This crime is not yet solved but police have some good leads.

The family is setting up a reward fund for information leading to the arrests and convictions of those responsible for her murder.  Her story is told at <a href="http://www.missingnativewomen.org/ontario.htm">HERE</a> where over 650 Aboriginal women across Canada have gone missing or have been murdered.  Like Carolyn, MOST of these cases remain UNSOLVED.<br><br>Our family, however, has total faith in the homicide detectives who are working on her case. They believe this case will be solved and so do we.  Leads continue to come in and each and every one of them are investigated thoroughly.


Updates on her case will be added to this website as they become available.

 We meet to hold vigil the first Saturday of each month at Shuter and Sherbourne Streeets in Toronto, walk down Seaton St. to the alley way where she was murdered to let her know we have not forgotten her and we will return each month until her killers are arrested and brought to justice.

Carolyn is deeply missed by her family,  extended family, and friends.

Carolyn was my cousin.




Carolyn's crime scene

You can see by this picture how low the men were who killed Carolyn.


She was already on the ground when the fatal mutliple stab wounds were inflicted in her kind, caring heart.



Because Carolyn knew how to handle herself, we, the family, believe that it was at least two, and possibly three men who are responsible for her murder.



Her daughter and myself have had similar dreams in which there were three men and a woman involved.



Was it a drug deal gone bad? Was she targetted because earlier the evening she was murdered,  she confronted a woman who owed her money demanding her money back?



Was it an attempted rape?

When she was found, she had nothing on her body:  no money, no cigarettes and no housekeys. She always carried her keys on a key chain that had a pink thong (shoe) on it and a medallion that read "I LOVE RYAN".



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