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Memorial created 01-24-2009 by
Reed & Judy Linder
Damien Tate Linder
May 3 1980 - May 13 2008

A Son, A Brother, A Husband, A Father, And an Uncle

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Damien Linder, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Damien's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Damien forever.

Damien Tate Linder, is our son. He is and always will be greatly missed. He passed away due to a brain aneurysm. He is now with God and with family and friends that have passed also. We were very fortunate to have been able to spend part of the weekend together ,( We had celebrated his 28th birthday ), we went fishing and had a little party , so he could blow out the candles.

His brother Shawn and his niece Zoey , loved to hear him play and enjoyed being together. His uncle Jay and aunt Tina watched over him while he was in Raleigh for a couple of years.

He was married to Kristie,and had four stepchildren ( Daniel, Issac, Jonah and Jacob ), which he loved very much. He enjoyed helping them and teaching them.

His life consisted of making people happy and to see them smile was his reward.I dont think he had ever seen a stranger.He loved playing the guitar, in which I may add, he learned to play on his own (And he did a GREAT JOB ). He loved his family and his friends. He really enjoyed the outdoors and liked working outside.

His friends in school had given him the nickname " JuJu " which has stuck with him..

                               WE REALLY DO MISS HIM


When Damien passed away, he was an organ donor. We received a letter from Donor Services, which told about the LIVES that were saved and/or changed because of him. We feel that he lives on through the lives of others. From young to old , he still makes people smile.


Damien & Kristie , Daniel, Jacob, Issac, Jonah

Damien with the wife and children . The children loved him very much. This was the last picture taken. It was on May 10th, 2008


The stairway that lead Damien up to heaven was lined with angels that showed him the way. We can only imagine the beauty of the stairway and for him to take the steps before us is hard for us to understand. We now take one day at a time and await the day we shall see him and all of family and friends that climbed the stairway before us.


We are very pleased that Tenn. Donor Services have placed Damien's picture on their awareness flyer, in which they placed in our county clerks office.


Gift of Life Donor medal

On April 5th, 2009, we attended an Tenn. Donor's Ceremony @ Knoxville, Tn. There were several families of donor's, and some reciepients as well, it was very touching and heartfelt.We received an Donor Medal for Damien. The ceremony was beautiful and at the end of it, they released butterflies. I know Damien and the other donor's that are in heaven were watching very closely.


Quilt Square for Tn. Donors Memorial Quilt

We were asked to present a quilt square that Tn Donor Services would put together in honor of all that gave. The previous quilt at the ceremony was very beautiful. We are glad that donor services have not forgotten Damien and others or their families


This was an article in our county newspaper after the quilt was finished by Damien's step grandmother, Catherine Linder

Special Donor Memorial Quilt On Display at Courthouse

 Those visiting the Fentress County Courthouse during the next few weeks will see a very beautiful and special quilt on display in the  hall across from  the County Clerk’s office.

This Donate Life Tennessee’s Donor Memorial Quilt is dedicated to the memory of all those who have given gifts of life through organ, tissue, or eye donation.  Since its beginning several hundred families have chosen to honor their loved one by creating a quilt square in his/her memory.

This quilt represents the lives of loved ones who gave from their hearts so that others could live.  Through these gifts of love, many lives were saved and many received the gift of sight.  They not only touched the donor recipients, but they have given love and hope to their families and friends.  The quilt squares were made in love by each donor’s families and presented to Tennessee Donor Services at a ceremony honoring the donors and recipients’ families.

Many families choose to adorn their loved one’s quilt square with special details such as a photograph, poem, quote or symbol of the donor’s life.  Some are made from sentimental materials such as a baby blanket, team jersey or favorite piece of clothing, and all are made with love.

This quilt was sewn by Catherine Linder, grandmother of one of the organ donors, Damien Linder, son of Reed and Judy Linder of Fentress County, who passed away last year.

Reed and Judy Linder expressed their appreciation to all those involved in the Tennessee Donor Service, stating:  “There are many people in the United States that are desperately awaiting a heart, kidney or liver transplant. It is a wonderful thing to say that Damien helped save a person’s life or gave the gift of sight to someone.”

Lisa Clark, Senior Public

Relations PR Team Leader, Department of Safety Liaison, and Tennessee County Clerk Liaison, commented: “DLTN Donor Memorial Quilt is a work in progress.  There is no deadline, and it is never finished, as there will always be other families who face the death of a loved one and make the decision to donate.  This allows every family, past, present or future, to honor and remember their loved one by participating in this special event.

Memorial Celebrations are held statewide in April to present the Donor Memorial Quilt squares and display the quilts, which travel to events throughout Tennessee and Virginia to raise awareness about organ and tissue donation while honoring those individuals who have given gifts of life.”

The American quilt has for generations captured the spirit and emotions of its creators.  An art form born of necessity, the modern quilt has become a vehicle for interpreting our connection between the past and present.

DLTN honors that connection between the past and the present through the creation of these patchwork quilts.  Each panel memorial-izes the individuals who have passed on “the Gift of Life” to others through the medical miracle of transplantation.  Each “memory square” is a tribute to the altruistic human spirit that embodies organ and tissue donation.

A special program through the County Clerks of Tennessee, the County Clerk Organ Donor Awareness Foundation, allows motorists to support the Tennessee Donor Services with a voluntary donation of $1.00 when their license is renewed. 

For more information about the Tennessee Donor Services Program, contact Fentress Co. Clerk Marilyn Stephens.





Ballon release from Donor's Ceremony in Knoxville,Tn in Nov 2010, To be a Donor's family is a great thing, Just look at how many ballons were released. Our family really stands there for support.       


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