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Memorial created 02-22-2009 by
anna moats
matthew alan Moats
July 4 1990 - November 21 2008

Matthew was my oldest son, and a great son at that.  We would have talks all the time, he was so loving and sensitive... he would say i love you in front of his friends and didnt care if he would get teased about it...in our household "i love you" was an everyday word that we would say.... even if matthew or andrew would go to town to the store, they would say love you guys be back soon...

matthew died in a car accident on his way to work, providing for his daughter and girlfriend.  he was so proud to have a great job and to be supporting them...now he is gone and cannot provide for them.. it hurts real bad....



 he loved to go to juniata county and fish... we as a family would go every year and fish our asses off.... matthew was at home there. where i spent most of my child hood..We would always go over the 4th of july, which is matthews birthday.  It will be very hard to go to juniata again, but matthew would want us to go.  and celebrate his birthday there as we have for many years...

it makes me proud that my sons love nature and juniata county like i did as a teen..

almost heaven juniata county



my son was a father at 18 and he loved and devoted his daughter so much.  he would do anything in the world for her.... he was the most devoted father you could ever see... as young as he was , and to see him with his daughter was one of the proudest moments i have... be cause if he was here today he would have been the best father in the world..... he wanted to provide and protect his daughter.... he told me before he died that he thought being a parent was the best accomplishment he ever did in his life..... it wasnt easy.   but i am soo proud of him .  he makes me proud everyday... he would not want to miss a single moment with his daughter, but god needed him and he knew that he had to go....  we will take his place and protect his daughter and cherish her the way matt would... that is my whole life to provide for his daughter and be here for her....matthew moved out of the house and into an apartment with his girlfriend and baby a week before he died. I talked to him on the phone and he asked "momma if this doesnt work can i move back home... i told him of course baby... you can come back home anytime... now he is gone and cannot come home to me... i makes me sad everyday... but atleast i got to tell him how proud of him i was....


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