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Memorial created 02-26-2009 by
Judy Glassman
Robert T. Lundstrom
June 25 1943 - March 3 2009

From Judy: This memorial will be building over the next few days. Words to describe my wonderful husband and his full and happy life are eluding me. So much to say...yet how to begin? Please visit our photos and slide show and we (Bob's family) would love for you to sign his "guest book". Please feel free to share any special memories you may have.

March 21, 2009

I still can not bring to the surface the feelings deep in my heart. I should have known that our daughters and dear, dear friends would fill in the wonderful memories and loving thoughts for me. How powerful your words have been to me and Bob's daughters. Thank you for your thoughts, your prayers and the personal memories that have brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. We have been truly blessed.

With love and thanks, Judy

Robert, husband and best friend to Judy; Dad to Lisa and Teresa; stepdad to Angela and Kimberly; Granddad to Elizabeth, Braden and Tyler; brother to John; pack leader and best pal to Ryan, our dobie; and friend to so many.

That he will be missed goes without saying. The memories will be there .........

Bob was born in California June 25th 1943 to Carol and John Lundstrom.

He married Donna Schmidt January 1967.

Bob and Judy Glasssman were married in May of  '87.

From Bob's daughter, Teresa:

There are those people who you love to be around, always want them at parties, barbeques or just to talk to and that was my dad.  When I was a kid in West Covina he was larger than life and I wanted to be just like him.  As a teen, as most teens, I think I drove him crazy.  He said I gave him all his gray hair.  As a dad he wanted Lisa and I to be able to take care of ourselves and have "our ducks in a row".  We were lucky to have a step mom like Judy because she really loved my dad and I never worried about him being alone.  They were and are true soul mates.  My dad was my friend and I could talk about anything with him and it's going to be hard not to pick up the phone and ask for guidance...even if I didn't listen.  I think he got a bad deal here.  He was far too young and too good of a guy to suffer like he did.  Thank God for Judy and their friend Dee and Judy that were there to the end.  Thank You.  I miss you and so grateful you were my dad.  I'm so happy you and Judy had so many adventures and had a great life together.  Thanks for making me the person I am today.  Love your daughter, Teresa





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