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Memorial created 07-25-2009 by
Vickie Farrar
Bobby Farrar
February 13 1950 - July 2 2009






"There aren't any problems, only solutions." 

Bobby was a hard-working, hard-playing guy who did everything full bore.  He did not consider a job finished until he deemed the result perfect, and he would tinker endlessly to make it so.  He was incredibly versatile and loved new challenges. He could create anything from a race engine to a backyard fence -- and everything in between.  The back of his pickup (much to the dismay of its shocks) was stocked to create a mini portable shop, so that he could be ready at any time to tackle whatever challenge came his way. 

Bobby lived fiercely and fully -- and will be hugely missed by his family and his friends. This memorial site will only be able to touch the very surface of his immensely protean and sedulous (look 'em up) existence.







A Comrade Rides Again

Time brings not death,

It brings but changes;

I know he rides, but rides afar

And camps tonight upon a star

Where all his other comrades are.

He rides ahead, the trail he finds us

And where he is and where we are

Will never seem again so far.

Douglas Malloch


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