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Memorial created 09-9-2009 by
Shana Brock
Logan Matthew Brock
September 10 2008 - April 3 2009

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Logan Matthew, although his short time with us was only six months and  twenty three days long,  his story is told throughout this  website. Please sign Logan 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Logan forever.   He is forever in our hearts.


Our little Logan is our second child.  He came four years and 51 weeks to the day of his older brother.  They were both born on a Wednesday at Southview Hospital in Miamisburg, Ohio. Time flew and before we realized it four years had passed.  I can remember telling his daddy that we were expecting again.  Complete surprise, and then the question came of how to explain this to Ethan?  The next nine months came and went quickly.  I had decided to wait it out and not have the doctor set my due date like I did with Ethan.  Logan decided the day he was coming, my water broke at home, and although this was my second pregnancy I did not know that's what it was.  I made a call to the doctor and was told that we had to go to the hospital and see what was going on.  That's what it was, my water broke and I was ready to be admitted.  Things went smoothly until I was ready to deliver,  My epideral line had come out and I was starting to feel the pain.  I knew something wasn't right and told the nurse I was feeling this intense pain.  Althougt at this point I had already got to the point of pushing and waiting for the doctor.  I kept pushing to get Logan ready for the doctor to deliver him, but the pain seemed worse than the first delivery I went through.  My line had some how come out and I was out of pain medicine, I applaud the woman who can deliver with nothing, I am not one of them.  Thankfully they got the line going again just in time for me to deliver and feel nothing.  Logan came out at exactly noon.  He was a beautiful baby and very content with coming into the world. 

We came home the next day and tried to settle in at home.  I wish I would have know what was to come over the next few days.  After the whirl wind of people in and out of the house, IKE started outside of the house.  We lost power around two in the afternoon on Sunday and did not get power back until Friday of  the next week,  This became interesting with a new born, but we made it. 

Ethan loved having his little brother.  He was very protective of him and always had to sit by him,   His favorite thing with Logan was to make him laugh.  Ethan would get up in the morning and go into Logan's room so that he could play with him. 

Our family seemed to be adjusting to having Logan here with us.  It was so seemless it felt as though he has always been in the family.  I continued working while on maternity leave.  I was able to work from home much longer than with Ethan.  Unfortuantly I needed to be able to go to work with out him being with me.  In February Logan started with a sitter.  We had gotten into a routine, but two weeks before Logan died I had started a new job.  As a family things had to change a little since my drive is an hour to and from work. 

The day that Logan died I remember like it was yesterday.  As I was driving to the sitter's  house I remember seeing a truck with it's emergency lights on.  I usually say a prayer when I see an ambulance, I asked God to be with the family, not realizing I was saying this for myself.  The truck had disappeared and I though it had turned down another road, it reappeared again and then I saw where it was going, just about this time I saw where he stopped and my phone was ringing.  The babysitter was calling as I was pulling into her driveway.  I saw my baby coming down the hall in someone else's arms and then they started working on him.  I didn't know what to do and it wasn't making any sense what was going on.  The ambulance arrived and took him, all I could do was pray.  They wouldn't let me go to hospital with him and be with him.  My husband and I got to the hospital and we knew something was wrong that our baby was gone.  They took him off the machines and wrapped him up so that we could hold him one last time. 

We thank our family and friends to being there for us then and now. 


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