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Lori Martin

Memorial created 10-16-2009 by
Lori Martin
Matthew Taylor Meister
January 30 1971 - August 3 2009

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Matthew Meister, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Matthew's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Matthew forever.

Matthew was my friend. I will miss him forever.  Lori

Matthew's demons seems to follow him no matter what "distraction" he tried, and he tried them all. In the end he left all of his family and friends and "disappeared". No one could locate him and he wouldn't answer his calls. I was used to him running away but he always came back.....

Eventually we had to stop looking, calling and hope he would figure it all out on his own. Then the call came from the hospital in Portland that Matt died. His mother called me and another friend Aaron to tell us the news.

Matts death was a kind of slow suicide. Drugs and not being able to kick them are what eventually killed my friend. He tried many times to get away from them but never succceded for long.  Matt had so much potential in life(smart, sweet and funny when he wanted to be) and now.........nothing.

Matt was a good guy. He just got so caught up in it all that eventually it took him over. No one could reach him. The person I knew disappeared. I will miss that person forever. I always thought that we would be friends forever and grow old together.....I will never understand.

Despite everything that happened in our friendship I will always love you Matt. I want my friend back. The one that I laughed with....talked with for hours...and just spent time hanging out with.

You will always be in my heart. I hope you found the peace you needed.










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