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Fritzi Presley
"Bo" Christian Michael Smith
April 2 1993 - July 5 2008

Our Amazing and Wonderful Boy

Bo was an old soul.  When he was in kindergarten, I had to run to the school while they were on the playground.  I scanned the grounds, looking at the kids on the swings, the monkeybars, the kickball field...no Bo....as I pulled around to park, I spotted him...sitting under the shade tree with the grown-ups engaged in pleasant conversation. 

Bo grew to become an avid gamer.  He had all the game machines and bunches of games.  He made good grades...but Bo was a sweet, sweet boy.  He was kind to animals and genuinely respectful of others.  He had GREAT friends...and he was learning to play bass guitar.  He loved music.  I guess he came by that, honestly.

He was DEEPLY loved by his sisters and me, his nephew and brother-in-law...and he knew it.  One of the few comforts we have is that we never missed a chance to express our love.  When Bo's dad died in 2004, we grew closer than the average mom and son.  As much as professionals discourage it, Bo and I were best freinds. And I am so glad we were...

He was my little buddy for 15 years and now, I have an angel for the rest of my life...

We love you, Bo!


Bo had an unbelievably well-developed sense of humor...he had a Chuck Norris thing...hysterical...Chuck Norris jokes just spewed outta him...one after the other 'til you'd almost pee in your pants...his screensaver was Chuck Norris as Master Chief in Halo 2...and it read,  "Who Else Could It Be?"  He would dance like M.C. Hammer behind my ex-husband at the most serious moments...he would sneak up behind me and whisper, "hippieeeeeeeeeeee" in my ear and then RUN!  

I never put the mascara brush too close to my eye, cuz I never knew when he was gonna crawl up behind me and scare the bejeezus outta me! 

He loved to cook...and eat...and he would help me, alot of times, just to learn new techniques and old recipes...Bo was big on tradition...and he and I started a few of our own. 

His musical taste was as varied as his humor...Into the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce...a speed metal song...was his big Guitar Hero challenge...and he did it! On Expert...whatever the heck that means.  And he loved the band, Yes...from the 70's...he wanted to be...and probably would have been a rock star...cuz his dad was a BRILLIANT musician...

And now...they are together...I sometimes wonder if they play music up there...maybe someday, they'll let me jam with 'em....



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