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Memorial created 11-4-2009 by
Melissa Turner
Kaitlin Lee Turner
November 14 1992 - May 20 2008

Kaitlin Lee Turner

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Kaitlin Turner, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Kaitlin's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Kaitlin forever.

Kaitlin Lee Turner was the "GREATEST GIFT" that GOD or anyone ever gave me, the moment I held her I knew right than she was special, it felt if GOD had given me an Angel!!! She seemed like she somehow was there to teach me, and all who came in contact with her, people just seemed to gravitate towards her, it was if she listened and understood!! She seemed to have been born a small adult, by 2 years old she had better manner's and morals than most teens. In pre-school the local paper came out to talk to some of the kid's, mine was dubbed "Little Miss Manners", yes I got 10 copies of the paper, she always made me so proud!!

By the age of 4 we were taking turns reading to one another, I was so lucky that I was able to devote as much time with her. I was a single parent after her dad and I were divorced, and she was growing and learning daily. The summer she was four she decided she was going to swim, no more life jackets, within 2 weeks her older cousin Katie had her swimming like an otter, a nickname that followed her through life, at high tide she would leap off the deck railing to her Uncle Andy below!!!!! She was fearless, if one of her older cousins did it, she would have to also, and she usually had to some how out do them.

I'll never forget her first day at Belfair Elementary, I was proud and sad at the same time, a lot of the kids wanted Mom to stay, not Kaitlin, she looked around and than informed me that I could leave now, she'd see me when I came back for her, I cried all the way home!!!!

I could go on forever about Kaitlin because she truly was, and still is the kindest most compassionate child I had ever known in my life, and she taught me more in those15 1/2 years with me than anyone. We talked, she told me things, we had the BEST UNCONDITIONAL LOVING MOM, KID RELATIONSHIP!!!!!! I miss her daily and always will, but we left nothing unsaid, we knew how much we loved one another, and she knew I was the PROUDEST MOM!!!!

I thought I to would die when Kaitlin died such a needless death!

Kaitlin loved life her Nanny & Papa, and of course Me. If she saw a cold kid she'd give them her sweatshirt, cause she knew she had another one at home, she was the one the kids would go to with there problems, while never knowing she had her own.

I will Love you always and Forever Kaitlin, Always your Loving MOM


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