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Memorial created 02-19-2010 by
Dianne Brazas
Christopher Matthew Brazas
April 21 1982 - June 23 2008

Beloved son, brother, and grandson


Watch Out for Motorcycles 



"All he had to do was look"




                 Juan Barrera


             Chris' best friend


 I spent a lifetime protecting

That little boy of mine

But someone didn’t see him

And he couldn’t stop in time

Now we face this every day

The phone call no one wants to get

Flashing lights and sirens take

Our hearts to a place we can’t forget



With twin Carson (on the left)



My precious son lost his life

On County Road 54

Christopher was our angel

And had everything to live for

Only 26 years old

Brother to Sean, Carson and John

Our Christopher was taken from us

How can we go on?



Life without our Christopher

It’s hard to look ahead 

Maybe someday we’ll understand

Why the road came to an end

We lost our precious son that day

In the hot, summer Florida weather

We can’t go back, but if we could

We would hold him in our arms forever

I love you, Chris.

Christopher and Carson

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