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Memorial created 10-22-1997 by
Karen Beltrane
Alexis Beltrane
July 19 1989 - March 4 1991

Alexis is my daughter. To all who knew her in life she was their little angel. Now she really is a angel. She died March 4, 1991 after a battle with pneumonia. She was so happy with life, even when she was sick she still managed to give everyone a smile. Alexis was born with a genetic illness called SCIDS, which is short for severe combined immoundeficency, she was born without a immune system, we found that out two weeks after her death. My little girl was sick for 10 months before her little body just gave up. In her life she was so full of love, never went through that stage where she hung on to mommy and daddy, she would go to anyone, even if meeting for the first time. She would leap into her doctors arms when in the hospital, to her she loved everyone.

Photo to the left is ALexis at 18 months.

Photo to the right is Alexis doing what she loved best, always knew it made me laugh. She had a little pink horse to ride, but she always wanted to ride her house instead. To her horse house the same thing.

I miss her more with each passing day, but I do know that where ever she is, its got to be so much better than being here sick and in isolation from the rest of the world. I am so glad to have know her, and am still so proud to have been her mother. She taught me so much in her short life, she taught me all about unconditional love. She taught me the true meaning of happiness. They say you are put on earth for a reason, and that when you fulfill that you go back home. I never wanted to believe that as being true, but after having Alexis and then losing her, and hearing everyone now talk about her, I do believe she accomplished what she came here to do.

Alexis, I love you honey and miss you all so much, I miss your bright blue eyes, your blond curls, your hugs, kisses and most important your LOVE. I know one day I will see you again and at that time we will never ever again have to part. That is the only thing that keeps me going.
Until we meet again, I love you!!!
You now are forever with the angels.
Love Mommy
---Karen Beltrane


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