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Memorial created 03-21-2010 by
Karla schelske
Justin Mark Winckler
June 11 1983 - August 2 2002

july 6th 2002 mom&dads wedding.

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Justin Winckler, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Justin's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Justin forever.


justin 6mon.old jsaon 3yrs.old

     Justin was born on June 11th, 1983, on August 2nd, 2002 he was shot and killed at his home , he was 19 yrs. old.

     Justin was fun loving and enjoyed playing basketball and listening to his music. He would come home and enjoy hanging out, chasing the baby calves around the farm with his sisters. Justin was funny, with a serious side. He had a very strong dedication to his family and friends.

     Justin is greatly missed by his parents Mark and Karla, older brother Jason and three younger sisters Dana, Sara and Shelby. He joined his baby sister Carly Jo in heaven. Over the years we have adopted many other family, Dustin and Sara Olson, Shawn Koch and Jerome(RIP).  He left aunts Mary, Tab, Martha, Megan, and Maryann; uncles Karl Jr., Tom and Nathan and many cousins.  

    We all miss him so much!

    I miss his hugs and kisses and I miss hearing him say I LOVE YOU MOM!




justin 18 yrs.old

Justin I wish you could be back home with us cause you are truly missed by all of us here at home.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wishing for a big hug or a kiss!

I have missed hearing your voice and your laughter and I miss watching you talk and tell jokes , I miss the phone calls and sometimes when the phone rings I'm hoping it's you but I know in my heart that it's not you.

Your life ended too soon and you were just beging to live your life by going to college and really finding out what life was about and all that was taken from you and not by your choice or mine but by someone else who was selfish and and a coward and but I know you are safe and with GOD and that helps me get through the days that I'm sad and hurting.

You have missed out on soo much like dana's graduation from high school and sara's high school graduation and Jason's college graduation from college and you have 2 new aunts and they are so wonderful.

megan is Unckle Nathan's wife and they have 2 kids ..Logan and danica and they are so sweet and so darn cute!

Unckle Karl's wife Maryann is from the phillipines so I haven't met her yet but we will soon.

Dad is doing well and he misses you alot , he is so busy with farming trying to keep up with the cows and planting and taking very good care of us making sure we are loved.

Shelby is a freshman in high school and she is driving now and she is so grown up and she is beautiful but so are dana and sara !

Sara is in college she wants to be an english teacher which is cool and dana is working at casey's and she has her own apartment so the house is really lonely without them here but we got shelby home so it's not to lonely or quiet some days.

Well baby boy I love you and miss you sooo much!!!


Sara(standing)dana,jason and shelby


Here is a picture of your sisters and brother and it's not complete without you just think that would have been one awesome picture with all of you together wouldn't it?

They sure have grown and have done well on thier life journey's and it is bitter sweet to see that and not able to see you grow on your lifes journey but you are with Grandpa and Carly jo and Our Heavenly Father and you are safe .

I Imagine what your life would be today and it is that you have completed college and working on computers and living in your own place or maybe you are living here at home with ME!

We would be doing mom and son things like listening to Nelly and jammin out . I was a little tired of hearing you play him all the time but now I don't mind it so much, we would talk a lot and watch t.v. and maybe just hang out and talk , I would love to hear your voice again and would love to give you a big hug and a mommy kiss on your sweet handsome face.

.If I was granted one wish it would be to spend 1 day with you to feel your hugs and to hear you say I love you mom but I know that can't happen but I'm allowed to have a wish or two.

I don't know if you relized how sorry I was that I couldn't come get you on august 1st to move you home and that was a Thursday and you died on Friday,  I called you for hours and didn't know what was going on then I called you on Friday most of the day and planning on picking you up but I wasn't able to cause we got the news that you were shot and you had died at the scene. My heart broke into a million little pieces that night . I wanted to tell you how much I loved you and that you brought such joy into my life like your siblings have. I didn't get to say all the things a mom wants to say and I wanted to let you that I cherish you and the special memories we had.

I want to say I love you baby boy and I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!  MOMMY



justin 18 yrs.old

I'm thankful for the time i spent with you!

I want to thank you for you being you.

Thank you for loving us and for letting us know that you cared and for being there for us when we needed you!

Than you for your smiles , laughter, jokes and teasing!

Thank you for letting me know when i was upsetting you and making you angry!

Thank you for excepting me when I was cranky !

Thank you for loving Mark and excepting him as your Dad!

Than you for Loving your brother and sisters!

Thank you for being My son!!


Handsome boys!

I remember when you were born you were a fiesty little guy who really didn't like to sleep you were such a night owl, you wanted mommy to play cars with you or just hang out.

You loved playing cars and you had the transformers and he-man toys and you had one favorite toy and it was a glow in the dark inch worm that you had to sleep with, he was green and had a night cap on , it was so cute to watch you cuddle with him and you named him glow wormy.

You got older and you alway's wanted to do what your brother was doing but he didn't want you tagging along all the time but you two boys were close and you played with your toys together and you would play with Unckle Nathan alot too , you spent a lot of time at Grandma and Grandpa's house and you never wanted to leave.

Your Aunts Mary,Tab and Martha spent time teaching you you things and some were just plain funny and silly.

You liked school and you did well and you liked most of your teachers and you had lots of friends .

You had a best friend that you did a lot with then you lost him when he died and you didn't fully understand why God had taken him and you would ask when is he comming back home to play with you and I would tell you he can't come home cause he has a new home with God. I know that you are reunited with him and that is a good thing and now you went home to be with him and all the loved ones.


Grandma, Justin and Grandpa..

You and Jason spent a lot of time at grandma and grandpa's house to hang out with Unckle Nathan and your aunts and unckles.

You sure loved picking on grandpa and you boys would poke him in his sides and he would jump and yell at you boys and you boys would laugh so hard but Grandpa wasn't laughing but after awhile all was forgiven.

You would watch wrestling with him and that is how you became a wrestling fan it was always interesting watching you guys when it was on cause there would be yelling and jumping out of the chair . good memories!

Grandpa took care of you guys alot and he was like a dad to you since you didn't have a dad at that time., he was so proud of you boys and he loved you so much!

I'm so glad that you had loving and caring Grandparents who were always there for you no matter what was happening in your lives.


justin shaving..

You were 4yrs. old and you wanted to be a big boy and shave like Grandpa so we bought you your very own shaver and boy did u have fun shaving!

You had so much energy at this age it was always so hard to keep up with you but you always had me doing all sorts of fun stuff...

Wish you could be that little again to relive all the special times we had and all the fun we had!

I often think about you and try to remember all the cute things you did but it hurts like crazy when I remember cause you are not here and i can't talk to you or laugh with you when I would tell you all the crazy stuff you did when you were little but all I can do for now is close my eyes and remember and smile....


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