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Memorial created 04-2-2010 by
Her Sisters
Peggy Sue Hamilton
September 21 1962 - March 20 2010

She is beautiful. Beautiful, loving and all around good person.

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Peggy Sue Hamilton, My Sissy, My Friend, A Mother, A Daughter, A sister, An Aunt, A cousin an all around wonderful person whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. 

Peggy left us suddenly on the first day of Spring 3/20/2010 we are left with many unanswered questions. 

Our Peggy was born to Homer Hamilton & Beverly A. Hamilton on September 21, 1962 she was a joy, a bright & shining star in the eyes of those who loved her. We were raised in a loving two parent home. We knew what it was like to be safe from all things that may harm us.  Our Daddy & Mama keept us safe, they comforted us when we felt at unease.

Peggy Sue was like a ray of sunshine on a cold winters day. She brightened every room she was in. I love her more than words can express. She was a typical child that enjoyed spending time with her friends. I believe she experienced love to soon but that's my opinion & she probably wouldn't agree. I can't say that Peggy had a easy life as she was young when she had her first beautiful daughter Shanna Renee, Oh Shanna was a joy to Peggy she loved her with all of her might. I looked up to Peggy for many years. She was my example of all the things people only dream about. She cleaned a house like it was nothing. And if I didn't know better I would of thought she had a hidden "genie"...  She made running a household look EASY!!!

She met Tony after getting a divorce to Doug. They had three more beautiful children Sheena, Celina & TJ. I know that she made choices that tore her world apart as well as those that she loved. I wasted so much time with her because I didn't understand what had happened to her to cause her to cause soooooo much pain to the people that loved her. I'm so glad my Sissy loved me enough to have the hindsite to know that we were wasting time being upset & disappointed with one another. I still have the letter from her that said we had wasted too much time and that she "LOVED ME". I love you too Peggy Sue <3<3<3<3<3

Peggy Sue called me Sissy & in turn I call all of my Sister's Sissy.  I liked it when she would call me & ask me how her Sissy was doing. I didn't know she only called me Sissy. I thought she called all of us that.

Peggy Sue was loving & caring and like 100% of humans she too made mistakes. Those mistakes made Peggy learn some very very HARD lessons.  So you can imagine the "burden" my Sissy had to bare. This kind of invasion doesn't heal.  My Sissy no longer bares the scars left by the mistakes in her life. She is pure in heart and Christ has washed her of all her sins. My Sissy's soul is pure now.

I love my Sissy with all of my heart & some days I have NO idea what is going on as my emotions are in such a turmoil. I am happy that Peggy Sue is in heaven , though I wish I could still have more time with her here on earth.



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Today is one month since my Sissy left us, she didn't let me know that she was leaving us like Daddy did & Uncle Johnnie. I smelled the roses for two days before Daddy left us.  As I begged GOD to give my Daddy back, Daddy let me know that it was ok by squeezing my shoulder as he met his momma on the otherside. Daddy always squeezed my shoulder. Uncle Johnnie let me know he passed when he banged a spoon on a pot at my work at 5:30 a.m. and  then I knew he had passed. Now I know that there really is something on the other side and it is so PERFECT that they couldn't help but tell us about it. I miss my Sissy and I know that she is watching over us. May she Rest in Peace <3  

It's been hard for me the last couple of days. I don't plan to wake up sad, lonely or missing her but it happens all the time. Even when I resolute myself not to be sad. I am overwhelmed in saddness that just doesn't even feel less with time but seems to grow with each passing day. I never knew how much of a impact on my life my sisters have on me. It's as if I lost a BIG part of ME the day she passed on.

Remember how smart she was...where did that air come from when it was something simple huh? I loved the way she just didn't get the simple things.

 When we were growing up Peggy Sue & I would play tickle feet... I play this with Daysha. I tickle her feet & she tickles mine. Just like Peggy & Me did. Also Peggy liked to draw and write on my feet. As I do with Daysha. 

Peggy is my sister she was also my friend.  When we were younger we would fight with each other as siblings do.  As we became older we became friends. We would talk to each other every single day my heart is completely broken by my sisters passing.  I don't think I will ever heal from this.  We were very fortunate as kids.  We were taught to love each other no matter what.  When we would fight with each other we had to apologize and mean it.  Believe me when I say we were a handful.  There are four of us all girls.  We are the apple of our Daddy's eye.  We are all perfect just ask Daddy. When we became older and had our own children we lived next door to each other on an acre of land.  We had no other neighbors just each other.  No cable, No phone. NOTHING JUST EACH OTHER AND OUR SMALL CHILDREN!!! When we were growing up we spent all of our time together or with our cousins. We had a close family. We would go camping on the weekends, all of us.  Uncles, Aunts and cousins.  Usually every weekend. It was a wholesome childhood.. We would hike all over the place on these family trips.  We wanted to walk around Elephant Butte (til we found out how big it was) haha. We would climb the mountain wall at Wall Lake and get stuck on the other side where we had to walk thru a marsh that now I realize was a swamp. We rode horses, attempted to play tennis, made mud swimming pools in our neighbors backyard.  When we got older we CRUISED El Paseo in Daddys truck.





Betty Boop Was Peggy's Favorite

May 20, 2010 -My beautiful Sissy has been gone 2 months now, and my sorrow is forever present. Today I resign to CELEBRATE her life. She will always be cherished by those who knew her. We will look at her beautiful children & grand children. And there we will find Peggy Sue. Peggy Sue  still lives in the hearts & souls of the ones she touched while living. I will continue to see my Sissy in the beautiful children she had. I will forever mourn my beautiful Sissy. I LOVE YOU PEGGY SUE <3<3<3<3<3


Hey girl, it's me, I just called to tell you hi
Call me when you get this
Haven't talked lately, so hard to find the time
Give the boys a big kiss
Tell them that I miss them
By the way, I miss you too

I was thinking just today
About how we used to play
Barbie dolls and make-up
Tea parties, dress up
I remember how we'd fight,
Then make up, and laugh all night
Wish we were kids again
My sister, my friend

Oh yeah, before I forget, I met someone
I think I really like him
I was just wondering if I'm jumping the gun
By going out on a limb
And invite him home for Christmas
To meet the family

Seems like just yesterday
You brought home oh, whats his name
He had been drinkin'
What were you thinkin'
After dinner he passed out
We can laugh about it now
We've learned a lot since then
My sister, my friend

Do you think you could come and see me sometime soon?
We could just hang out like we used to

It's late, and I should go
But I can't hang up the phone
Until I tell you
What I don't tell you enough
Even though at times it seemed
We were more like enemies
I'd do it all again
My sister, my friend

Oh my sister, my friend


I know I'm late...Well it's been 3 months now since our Peggy left us. I miss my Sissy soooo very much there is not a day that goes by that I don't stop to think of her and how much I miss not being able to text her or call her to tell her that I love her. My grief is still pretty tremendous and hasn't gotten less with time. Time is a myth we don't heal over time. We may be able to get along better with less weeping but this is something you will never recover from. The saddness is forever present.  I uploaded the song My Sister, My Friend by Reba McEntire. Peggy Sue was our sister & our friend and we love her more than words can ever express. I miss you soooooo very much Peggy. Know that you reside in my heart forever & ever.


Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. I miss you. I know that the girls must be having a hard time of it. Though they haven't called. I hope they know that they can call me anytime. We can talk. I remember sooo many thing's that we used to do together since we were little girls. Tom & I watched all of your children. We were there babysitters and I hope they all still remember that. I know that the pain of losing you so suddenly is overwhelming to all of us. It was so unexpected and we still mourn you every single day. I never knew Peggy how much a sister could mean to another sister until I lost you.


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