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Memorial created 08-15-2010 by
Sadie Grealish
Tyler Roy Grealish
July 5 2008 - September 3 2008


 Thank you Tyler...

Thank you for being such an amazing child and bringing so much joy to our lives. Although we only had you in the world for a short time, you taught us so much. You changed our outlook on life and made us better people. We learned more in the two months we had with you than we could have learned in a lifetime without you. You have left us with many wonderful memories that will forever be in our hearts. We miss you so much!


 His Story...

Tyler was born at 2:16p.m. On July 5th 2008. He was welcomed home by his big brother, Jacob. Tyler was an amazing child and made our lives complete. He filled our days and nights with such joy. Tyler's presence brought along many smiles.

Our nightmare began on September 3rd, 2008 when my husband received a call stating he had stopped breathing during a nap at the daycare and was taken to a local hospital. My husband called me at work and told me to immediately go to hospital. Once I arrived at the hospital, I was brought to my husband, who had to tell me our beautiful baby boy, Tyler, had passed away. Tyler was 8 ½ weeks old and was a strong, healthy baby. 

The loss of a child is unexplainable and every parents nightmare. We pray each and every day that it is just that, a nightmare, and we will wake and have our precious baby back. It breaks our hearts that Tyler was never given a chance and Jacob not only lost his brother but his lifelong friend. Although Dylan never had the chance to meet Tyler, we will share the many wonderful memories and Tyler's story to help him understand how much of an important part he is of our family.

Since Tyler passed away, our lives have not felt complete. On one hand it seems like forever, but on the other it seems like yesterday. Our hearts are forever broken and our lives will never be the same. Each day is a struggle full of new joys and bittersweet. In life we loved him and in death we do the same. His death is a part of our life now. What we would give to hold him again and just stare at his beautiful features. Our lives are going on without him here with us and it is surreal. We will forever be living our life with him a part of it. Please continue to help us on this lifelong journey to honor our son who had so much to give. Tyler left behind many wonderful memories that will forever be in our hearts.

We love you Tyler!


Mom, Dad, Jacob and Dylan 
This online memorial was created in loving memory of Tyler Grealish, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please visit the many different sections- located on the left side of this page- and also sign Tyler's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Tyler forever.













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