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Memorial created 09-10-2010 by
Rachael Kennedy Mendoza
Braedyn Abel Louis Kennedy
January 5 2010 - May 28 2010

Mommy's Lil' Man


This memorial page is dedicated to My Lil' Man, Braedyn. His Mommy, Sissy, Family, & Friends all appreciate you taking the time to read our story. I hope that  his site will give you the opportunity to see the imapct he made in our world, and discover the amazing Lil' Man we will all forever miss, love and cherish.  He continues to light up our lives everyday.





Forever and Always Missing My Lil' Man....


You made your entrance into this world on January 5th, 2010. Mommy was so scared of what would happen since we were 5 weeks and 4 days early of your due date. I remember that day perfectly and always will. At 9:10pm you arrived after a full night and day of labor! All my fears were eased the moment I held you in my arms and felt the love of a mother and her son. As I held the tiny 5# and 5.4oz of you in my arms for those few moments I said thank you to God for bringing you into my world. I promised you I'd love you forever and I always will..... I don't know how I was chosen out of millions of other mommy's in this world to be blessed with the gift God has given to me by sharing you and Ryla with me. I have learned so much from each of you that I now realize is more important than anything else I could study or pursue in life. Although I am doing my best to accept that you are in heaven being held by the hands of God, which created this amazing earth, I can't convince myself that I will ever stop missing you being in my arms.... God has a plan that I have decided is best to follow despite the times I can't seem to understand.... Your 4 1/2 months impacted this world drastically, and everyday I see a little more reason to gain faith and less questioning in God's reasoning for only sharing you for a little while.... I would not trade that little while for anything, and I know I cherish it more each day... Love you babyboy :-)


Braedyn and Ryla on Paw Paw's 4 wheeler

Braedyn if you only knew how much your big sissy misses you! She talks to you all the time and even looks at cloud shapes to see what you may be doing up there! She sends you balloon letters and even writes you in her "Bubby Journal." You have the BEST big sissy ever!

Looking at Mommy
I'd hold you in my arms forever if I could babyboy!

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