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Memorial created 09-12-2010 by
Eileen Whitman
Joseph Ryan Whitman
July 31 2004 - March 30 2010

Last sledding trip

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Joseph Whitman, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Joseph 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Joseph forever.

On March 30, 2010 our world as we knew it fell apart, we lost our beautiful, healthy, happy, wonderful 5 year old little boy. JoJo, is what we called him from the day he was born.

JoJo was born into a big family, he has 6 brothers and sisters, he is they youngest of the bunch. JoJo and his twin Mikey entered into our hectic world on July 31, 2010 around 1:10pm, they were 3 days overdue and both weighed in just shy of 8lbs.

The twins were a big suprise for me, I was done having kids, I had 5 and the fifth child is my crazy child....BUT the twins are such an amazing gift to me. I always thought, god knew I could handle it, so he sent me two more amazing kids. Joey's life did have a rough start, he wasn't suctioned enough at birth and ended up in the NICU. He caught pnemonia and was tubed, it was a tough few days, but within a week, he pulled all his tubes out and was ready to go home....

As time went on Joey also became JoJo to us. He was such a wonderful baby, so happy and full of life. The family settled into a routine with 7 kids all under the age of 10....

Joey was a healthy active 5yr old who loved to play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, anything that kept him busy. He was in his first year of kindergarten and loved learning. He had just begun to read, his favorite book was "Green Egg's and Ham". He was so eager to learn and to help others too. Joey was a great friend to so many, but his best friends were his brother and sisters, his teen age best friend was Corri, who adored him.  Emily and Tyler were his bff's from school, he enjoyed playing with them.

Joey had a zest for life, he made us laugh even when we didn't want to. He stood his ground when he was angry, and we couldn't help but laugh at his angry man vein as he would yell. He was such an amazing little boy.

The morning he never woke is forever etched in my mind. No mother should ever have to do what I did that day. I do believe that we had an angel watching over us, becuase I did not find Joey until most of the kids had gone to school, it would have been worse if I had all the other kids home too. It was a typical morning for us, I woke the older kids up for school, got them off on their buses, Mikey had already woken up and the little girl I was watching was at the house. Joey was one of my sleepers, so I didn't think anything of him sleeping late. The kids kept saying when is JoJo going to be awake, i said he is tired and getting his rest, I will go wake him in a few minutes. When I did go to wake him, a few things occured....as I walked up the stairs and the little girl began to follow, I said huni Joey probally doesn't want you to wake him, please go eat your snack at the table with Mikey, and I will be down with JoJo in a minute. As I walked into the twin's room, I said " Joey, time to wake up sleepy head", but he didn't move, I thought he was playing a little game with me and hiding under the covers. I went over and whispered Joey, time to get up, as I stroked his arm, it was cold, I realized something wasn't right, I looked at the window to see if it was open, it wasn't, I shooked him, and pulled the covers off, he was lifeless, I screamed for help, but as I pulled it together I realized I had a 5 and 4yr old downstairs, they couldnt help me. The next ten minutes were the worst moments of my life. Finding my child unresponsive, having to dial 911 and do CPR on my child. I was a mess, but I was doing it, sadly in my heart I knew he was gone, his body was limp, his color not his own and NO response to my CPR. Those moments were the worst I have ever felt.

I lost a son, my partner lost a son too, and my children lost their brother and for all who knew and loved Joey lost a wonderful, sweet. beautiful boy. God recieved another angel, and my mom had her grandson up in heaven now. I know these things, I know he is safe, but it still leaves us with such heartache that we have lost our sweet boy. It seems so crazy that he was so healthy and he just never woke one day. I will find the answers we need someday, to have the peace we need, and to help any other family that may be in the same situation as us.

A child who has febrile seizures, who was tested at Children's Hospital and cleared of anything, he was given a clean bill of health should never have died, from what they think may have been a seizure disorder, but my child was NEVER diagnosed with a seizure disorder, he was actually tested and they found NOTHING.


The love of his family

Joey was an amazing, sweet, fun loving, funny, adventurous boy who brought so much love and joy to our lives in such a short time. Joey, aka JoJo, loved to play sports, ride his bike, to just run around and play with hisfamily and friends. He loved to pretend his bike was his dirtbike and he would make a track and have jumps to go off  of too.

Joey had a mischevious smile that could win you over in a second. Like most boys he loved to get dirty and play hard. He loved to be outside, playing with his neighborhood friends, always running around having a great time. He loved to play sports in the yard, swing on the swings or just to jump on the trampoline. Joey loved having FUN.....I always said the more mess meant you had fun...he trully lived up to that.

He was the youngest of 7, with number 6 being his twin brother Mikey. He leaves behind broken hearts that are trying to keep his spirit and memory alive. He leaves behind Sami, 15, Meg, 13, Bobby, 11, Abby 9, TJ, 7 and Mikey, 6.


Joey lead a good life with an amazing family who love and adored him, he left this world with that plus an entire community who rallied around us in our darkest hours.

Our family loved to have fun, to celebrate birthday's together, to apple pick, blueberry and strawberry pick too. We loved to find our pumpkins and carve them too.We enjoyed finding our Christmas tree's each year together. In the summer we enjoyed the beach and Joey loved playing in the sand and being burried or turned into some magicla thing Barbie would build for him.

We were very fortunate to take a trip to VA during the summer of 2009, our first real family trip...We also went camping, the kids had been asking for a long time, and we decided the kids were old enough, it would be fun, and that it was. Joey loved every minute of it, he got to canoe, fish and just have a blast with our friends and family.


We have so many pictures of our memories as a family, and I am thankful we always took time to do the things we did as a family and we took many pictures of all the fun too.


Joey's death is still a mystery to us..we don't have the answers we so desperately need. As I look back at Joey's life, I wonder, did I miss something, did a doctor miss something, or would it have been caught? God had a plans for Joey..we just didn't know that.....Joey came into this world as my 7th child, he was baby boy b....I was three days late with my twins, who were both just shy of 8lbs...a normal delivery, except that Joey had swallowed to much fluid....He was tubed and in the ICU for a week. He had caught phnemonia due to all the extra fluid he had swallowed. Was JoJo ripped all of his tubes out, he began his life with his 6 brothers and sisters. Joey was a great baby, so full of life and challenging me every step of the way....The twins were an amazing blessing to our family...I always wanted a big family, and the suprise of twins gave me that big family.

They grew fast. Soon after their first birthday Joey suffered a seizure in our home during dinner, he was rushed to the hospital. He was looked over and we were told it was a febrile seizure.They sent him home saying to follow up with his pediatrician, I was skeptical because he didn't even have a fever. I called the Dr. first thing in the morning and brought him in, where he had another seizure while waiting to be seen. We were then  rushed to Children's Hospital by ambulance. After spending a week in there and having lots of testing, they say that he had a virus that had caused him to seize.

We brought Joey home and he was rambunxious as ever....He seemed fine, back to his old self. It was a long time before he had another seizure. It just came out of the blue. Again they said it was a febrile seizure

Joey had his fourth seizure while driving home from a visit with  his dad when he was 4yrs old, he brought Joey to the closest ER, and he was again brought to Children's Hospital where all test came back fine. We were discharged and told to follow up with a neuro consult, which I did. Joey had several tests done and they all came back fine, there was nothing they could see. So we weren't sent home with a clean bill of health.

Then almost a year later, a mother's worst nightmare happened, I couldn't wake my child from his sleep. I look back and I wonder, did I miss something?

Joey had been complaining of leg pain before he died, but nothing out of the ordinary, we just thought it was growing pains......now we are left wondering. I wonder, did someone misdiagnos my child? Did someone miss a sign or something? We are left with so many questions.


Joey loved to dig at the beach and find all kinds of creatures....He was very adventurous.


  This was a great day....The day my baby would be going to school....Joey and his twin were so excited to ride the bus and go to the big kids school, they had waited so long for this day.  Joey had an amazing teacher who taught him so much in his 6 months in school. Joey made so many great friends in his class too, he loved playing with them and going to the park on nice days with them..Joey was a loving soul, so kind to his classmates and was loved so much.


Joey and his twin had a wonderful twin relationshiop, love hate just like all the siblings, lol. Joey and Mikey were always together playing side my side or together. They were two peas in a pod....They shared a room and bunk beds too. One of the last memories I have of the twins togther is Joey reading to Mikey and then he helped Mikey try to read, he was such a sweet boy.


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