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Memorial created 09-13-2010 by
Nancy Swabb
Phillip Michael Swabb
July 1 1988 - April 3 2010

This online memorial was created in loving memory of our son Phillip Michael  Swabb, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Phillip's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Phillip forever.

Phillip was born Saturday, July 1, 1988, at 1:47am at Stouder Memorial Hospital in Troy, Ohio  to mother Nancy and father Greg.  He went home to Laura, Ohio to live with Mom, Dad, brother Nick, age 10 and sister Melissa, age 8.  He was loved by his grandparents, Grannie and Pampaw Eckert and Grandma Swabb. 

Phillip was a happy, friendly, independent  and mischievious child.  He had many friends growing up and the one thing that made him happier than anything else throughout his life was to see his friends and family happy.  He was always doing and saying things trying to make us laugh or to make the day a better one.  When he was just a toddler he had a loopsided smile with one eye squinted, that we called his Popeye smile, and he used it on us often.  His grin and laughter could brighten the grayest day and lift the lowest spirit.

Phillip had a love of life and loved to live to extremes.  He got in trouble more than the average little boy, teenager and young man.  Phillip was his own person, a free spirit.  He did what made him happy, even if it was dangerous, often with unpleasant results.  Phillip said when he was a teenager, when asked to settle down alittle, that he would "rather live 20 years at 100% than 100 years at 20%".

Phillip had different favorites at different ages.  His favorite movie as a child was Home Alone, he watched it hundreds of times and had all of Kevin's words memorized when he was only 3. He always loved movies, comedie were his favorite, especially Adam Sandler.  He had a love for nice clothes and shoes before he was ten. We took many shopping trips to the mall, and had to search for certain shirts and he always had to have the latest Jordan Nike's when he was a boy.  His shoes were always kept impeccablly clean.  They could be five years old and still look like new. He also like hats and wore them all the time from about the age of 16 on, although he had the most beautiful curly blond hair. 

He always wanted to be clean in his clothes and his person.   If he sweated just alttle he would be in the shower immediately.   Most likely the reason he didn't like summer, and decided that autumn was his favorite season.

Phillip loved skateboards and 20" bikes.  He spent all his extra money and birthday gifts on them until he got his first 4-wheeler at age 10.  He learnt to ride his older brother's and had to have one for himself.  He had two and rode them through the yard, the woods, the fields and on the road.  We would see him coming over a hill sideways on two wheels more often than not. 

Phillip also loved to travel, especially with his friends along.  He got to see all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and Italy in his short life.  The trips were made much better for Mom and Dad when he and his brother and sister were part of the adventure.

Phillip loved to eat and to cook.  He appreciated good food, which gave him the desire to cook . He was great at grilling and experimenting with new recipes.  He took pride in how well his meal turned out and took it to heart if if fell below his own high expectations.

Phillip didn't get his drivers license until he as 21.  He did drive before that though.  His Pampaw taught him to drive when he was about 15, maybe younger but Phillip didn't want to get his Pampaw in trouble, he loved him too much for that.  Losing his Pampaw was probably one of Phillip's saddest days.  Even sadder than when he almost lost his own life at age 16.

Phillip had so many wonderful friends and family members, that we don't want to try to name them all here and risk leaving some out.  We hope they will visit this memorial and write their thought and memories of their friend, nephew, cousin.

Phillip left our home the night of Good Friday, April 2nd and was killed in an automobile accident only 40 seconds away from returning home that early Saturday morning.  That was the darkest, saddest day in his parents life.

His brother Nick, sister-in-law Jami, niece Madison, nephew Gregory, sister Melissa, now brother-in-law Michael, Aunt Pam and Terry, Aunt Dana and Uncle Dick felt the deep lose of losing this loving brother, uncle and nephew and all gave us the support we so much needed those days and weeks following the tragic day that will burn in our souls forever.  We thank them for being there for us.

We will NEVER forget our precious son and we hope his family and friends will visit here often just to let him and us know they are thinking of him.

We will love and miss him for the rest of our lives.

Phillip's Mom and Dad






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